Don't Feed The Homeless?

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maggiebee | 12:31 Fri 29th May 2020 | News
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Why on earth would a charity be stopped from feeding the homeless, especially at this time? Charities all over the UK are feeding the homeless so what's different about Leeds?


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//Why on earth would a charity be stopped from feeding the homeless//

According to the link...

//because they’re all in accommodation and they’re being fed in hostels.//

I don't know the reason but perhaps this is seen to be encouraging/enabling some to leave the hostels to return to living rough.
According to the link, they weren't applying proper social distancing measures
Have we read the same link, naomi? This is about them feeding rough sleepers, those not in hostels
They say they were originally feeding 30, but now it's 20. So the need still seems to exist. Instead of stopping them, just ask them to sharpen up their social distancing policy. Makes more sense to me.
barry, I read the link given by maggiebee which says all the rough sleepers are now in accommodation and being fed in hostels.
Just what I wondered, Pasta. They are having to feed fewer on the streets now so sharpening up their social distancing, as you say, makes sense.
because you read the article and learn that the feeders are not complying with the current rules .....

now - - - can the charitable feeders rely on the DOm CUmmings let out? - "we can do what we like because ...."
nope - didnt hve to think about that one .....

Only 30 ? I heard that if you got 5 loaves and a couple of fish you could feed 5,000 !

Perhaps Leeds realised that they don't yet have a vaccine for homeless, so need a different way to get shot of it.
From the article...
//////// Despite the council moving those who live on the streets into hostels, Madga Krupa, a volunteer for Feed the Homeless, said they have continued to help 20 people each week.

These include couples who are not in hostels to avoid being separated, a man who has an injured leg and cannot move and another man with mental health problems who prefers to be on the streets. /////////
Tory trick to starve poor people?
er that was metaphor ( John 4 or thereabouts) -
he used the word for "leedol fishies" instead of ix-thu-ezz
and points out the remains filled twelve baskets ( coffinoi ) ,

this is to draw the parallel with the ( sozza - widda ) eucharist where the remainder is reserved and not wasted ( fed to dogs ) .
The author ( of Jarn that is!) uses the word - and they were full - used to feed cattle. Feed ma sheep, rather than the word for full fed used for people.

why am I writing this - because you come to AB day after day and read page after page ( Brexit- Dommo) of the same repeated usual shart - I just thought I would try John ch 4 today.
As you continually disparage answerbank and its users could I suggest you try Exodus instead of John.
Why people are living on the streets is a complex problem. There are several reason, but high on every list is alcoholism, drug abuse and socially inadequacy.
There are a lot of agencies that offer hostel rooms, but most of them come with pre-conditions such as no alcohol or no drugs. That is understandable, especially as religious groups are often the source of the charity.
So many homeless people don’t take the hostel place offered to them because they are addicts or alcoholics.
Just a fact of life.
But telling people they cannot feed Homeless people who are starving, and blaming some catch-all Lockdown rule is both unkind and very cruel. They should be ashamed of themsrlves.
//But Feed the Homeless have continued their feeds each Friday while adhering to social distancing rules.//

Here they are again, these mythical "social distancing rules". And once again - there are no social distancing rules.
The ‘rule’ was always arbitrary.
A cough or a sneeze can travel Up to 8 metres. 2 metres was just a made up figure, and scientifically incorrect.

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