What Have Twitter Got Against Reality?

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ToraToraTora | 10:29 Fri 29th May 2020 | News
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accurate and not a bad example of assonance from the Trumpster


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// What Have Twitter Got Against Reality? //

Nothing. The Tweet is there for anyone to read if they want to.

// The city’s Police Chief John Elder confirmed in a midnight press conference that a person was shot dead outside the Cadillac Pawn shop and that a suspect is being held in custody. //

If the police have a ‘suspect’ then they must believe a crime has been committed. Is Trump now promoting gun crime to win the election ?
Nice Trump assonance, but he never came up with it. From the article ...

> "The "historical context" is a reference to the late 1960s, when the phrase "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" was coined by Miami Police Chief Walter Headley, in reference to his aggressive policing policies in black neighbourhoods.

As pointed out by Rory Cellan-Jones in the article ...

For years Twitter resisted calls to treat Donald Trump like any other user and make him follow its rules. Then, on Wednesday, it made a first small move, not removing a tweet but adding a fact-checking link.

The company then had two choices - hunker down and weather the storm or continue to take action in accordance with its stated rules. It has now chosen the latter course of action, calling the President out for glorifying violence.

Any other user would have had their tweet removed, and might have seen their account suspended.

It now looks as though there is no easy way out for either of the two adversaries - a huge battle over the limits of free speech and the rights of social media firms to moderate content is looming."
Trump has 1.7 Million Twitter fans.
That means he is able to talk directly with his core voters without a newspaper or broadcaster filter censoring his words. If Twitter wasn’t free, Trump would willingly pay $millions for that kind of access.
Trump needs Twitter far more than Twitter needs Donald Trump. He would be very foolish to ban it. That really would be cutting off his own nose to spite his face.
He has 80.4 million Twitter followers.
//He has 80.4 million Twitter followers. //

Crikey! Really? Just out of interest does that make him the most 'followed'?
What has Trump got to do with reality? He lives in a different version of it to everybody else.
Thanks Ellipsis.
Thanks Ellipsis,
Trump has GAINED 1.7million Fans in the last month.
I bet that grates on The Donald, that Obamais top dog on Twitter.
Gromit, I wonder how many of those 1.7m followers support Trump and how many are just waiting for his next covfefe moment.
//Trump has GAINED 1.7million Fans in the last month. //

I follow Trump because his tweets are great entertainment. I wouldn't say I'm a fan though.
.. I mean he's just put one out in the last 15 mins that just says.


..that's literally the whole thing. Lol.
I imagine him dozing on his comfy chair, and jolting himself awake with a sudden "China!" like a bewigged Father Jack Hackett.
Mozz71 //I bet that grates on The Donald, that Obamais top dog on Twitter.//

Lol. Some people believe any old pony.
I totally agree, spice. I can't believe he's gained 1.7M in just a month, either :-/
//lol. Some people believe any old pony.//

So, you're claiming that the list is incorrect?
Catching on fast now, Sherlock.
And what evidence do you have of that?

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What Have Twitter Got Against Reality?

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