Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

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Stargazer | 15:54 Mon 25th May 2020 | News
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Just listening to Cummings stuttering his way through a twenty minute written account of his behaviour these past several weeks. The length and over-detailing of all the events smack of subterfuge, Mary must regret her written account of some of these events Over explaining to the nth degree!


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Go on then TTT, i'll play your silly game. How do you know that the 'lynch mob' contains "most of those that voted non-Tory, all of the ABBC and most of the meeja."? Oh yeah, and a link pleaser to back up your claim:-//
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You and I have watched a different conference Stargazer.

He’s acquitted himself very well, has calmly explained his actions (which by the way we’re not illegal) and I sincerely hope this draws a line under this whole non-event.

Show me a parent who wouldn’t do what they thought was right for their child, and I’ll show you a liar. Anything else would make then unfit to be a parent.

If any body of people who should be ashamed of themselves, it’s the journalists - their questions to Cummings have bordered on harassment and bullying and stupidity.
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DD - totally agree with you.
ken have you seen the TV news lately?
Link please.
to what?
To back up your claims about the members of the 'lynch mob'.
Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much
Pilloried for his silence, lambasted for his explanation.

Rock, hard place, let he who is without sin etc, etc, etc.

As an NHS front liner I’ve no issue with what he did, I’m more annoyed at the clowns who travel great distances to gather in droves at beauty spots and places of interest.

C’est la vie.....
there is no link it's obvious:
the meeja have demonstrated it daily for about a week and it stands to reason that all non Tory voters will be in the lynch mob and the odd VBQC member like the 19 tories. The ABBC are in the meeja. You don't always need a link to tell you the obvious.
He’s basically just said that he trusted the care of his 17 year old niece above that of the NHS.
rubbish, were did he say that? Like many he probably thought that if you go anywhere near an NHS hospital you will get it.
But he'd already been to a hospital with his child.

Have a look at the comments in the link.

Sort in to Best Rated order:

This the Daily Mail. Its readers are hardly bastions of the left.

See their reaction.

There's 7,500 posts and the press conference was only an hour ago.

This isn't the 'meeja', or some cabal from the BBC (I assume ABBC was a typo and not an attempt at...humour).

Ordinary people are upset.

Seriously - that needs to be put to bed.
I assume ABBC is Anti British Broacasting Corp, sp1814.

There are some nice tweets here
Think its a bit of a competition between Johnson and Cummings. Who is the best Liar ?.

// I’m more annoyed at the clowns who travel great distances to gather in droves at beauty spots and places of interest.//

that is what he did innit? - drive to a beauty spot - to test his vision, oh lordy lordy!
anyway I think he should stay - he is a good adviser even if he cant drive straight. - oh and please dont complain, it has been a stressful day for me!

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Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

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