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I got bored...
Question Author
And me, it’s very monotone Tilly
Watch closely for his eyes moving upward and to the left :-//
Question Author
Do you think there’s someone apart from a cameraman there?
No, the baying mob will be there waiting to question him!
Well he did say he'd be answering questions, later.
I know, I was answering Bobbi.
Question Author
He’s mumbling and eh,eh,eh,
But.....threatened with violence? Terrible and no excuse !
Oh here comes, Peston.
some eejit blowing an air horn through the whole thing.
No integrity, no morals, no shame.
But sadly that's the way it is today, anonymous idiots with no brains threaten violence when something like this happens, and they get away with it.
Peston? yeah I agree.
Oh is that what it was TTT, I thought it was idiots blaring car horns!
I can't help feeling that this is just a tissue of lies.

Totally carefully scripted.

Please we are not idiots be honest and we might then have some respect for you.
I believe him ok call me an old softie but there you are
ok you're an old softie, but I believe him too, so maybe I am as well?
Question Author
He’s floundering and it’s embarrassing
@16.51.Was it not nervous flatulence from the liar?
This is great not as good as the sewing show on on a Wednesday but

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