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douglas9401 | 22:18 Fri 22nd May 2020 | News
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Feel free to divide down party lines


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Shows what he thinks of his parents
Should have left it where you found it.
I think what he did was diabolical!! To travel 250 miles, a) when he was sick, b) putting his parents lives at risk, and c) stopping off at petroleum stations on the way is totally wrong, on every level.

My son who lives 10 miles from me hasn’t been across my threshold, since lockdown. He is a key worker and wouldn’t come anywhere near me. We talk over FaceTime.
Douglas9401. Why do you mention “party lines?” It’s common sense.
Hello ... commy dave here :)

Cummings is a ghastly self-serving little sh.. - a classic member of the "one rule for all ... but with an exemption for me, obviously" mindset that infests the metropolitan elite (of all parties).

I hope even Boris can't wear this one and arranges a P45 pdq.
He's right. Lefty/common sense?
I don't have feelings about him one way or another, I don't know if what's in this story is the truth either however if I had a young child and both of us adults were sick I might well consider getting parents to help out. If that really is the truth what were they supposed to do?
I am neither pro or 'agin him - across the lands people have been placed into strange situations and I'm sure many have circumvented/broke the rules/guidelines seeing no other way.

Most of those won't merit a line in the media.
Question Author
Maybe common sense but there are none so blind as geezers who will not see.

Other dyed in the wool Toras /Tories are available.
All it depends on is whether he had a "reasonable excuse" to leave home. He will almost certainly say that he did. He wanted childcare to be available should he and his wife be unable to care for their children. The only way to decide whether or not his excuse was reasonable would be to take the matter to court. I would hazard a guess that it ain't gonna happen.
Maybe, Prudie...depending on the age of the grandparents. If one of my children and his/her spouse had coronavirus symptoms they wouldn't be looking to a grandparent to take the child.
Wasnt he seen scurrying away from his "lord and masters"abode like a scalded rat when he heard that Bojo had covid-19?Perhaps if he wasnt such a subserviant little lick-spittle he wouldnt have caught the virus in the first place(if he ever did).
By the way,i never subscribed to Aneurin Bevans assertion that all Tories are ervnim(anagram),in this characters case i will make an exception.
A clear breach of the spirit of the guidance.
I wonder why the story has only just come out as it was 7 weeks ago.
@7.31.This chancer would never have much regard for the laws of this [email protected] managed to get it covered up till now.
He should be fined as per standard procedure for breaching lockdown rules. The other high profile people that have gone like the Scottish chief medical officer, and the SAGE member were directly responsible for formulating the rules that they then broke themselves. This isn't the same.
Whats the point of fining him,Tomus.He would just claim it off expenses courtesey of the UK taxpayer,and if he was fined £1000 he would put it down to £100,000,and pocket the remainder.
He's not the Messiah.

Just a very naughty boy
A first class twit. That's being polite!

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