Easyjet To Leave Middle Seats Empty

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MargoTester | 16:53 Thu 16th Apr 2020 | News
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This seems sensible and I would think all airlines will do the same.


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Won't help at all. The crush getting on and off, accessing the overhead lockers, the people sat in front and behind won't be 6 ft away and the recycled air.
And they’ll hike up the prices , they’ll have to , to make up for the money they’ll loose on all the seats being empty
Good point, Bobbi
Good try Margo. You can't win them all. xxx
It’s while seated however that there is the most risk.
At this rate it will won’t until there’s a vaccine available that any sort of normality will return
Why are passengers more at risk sitting?
Not sitting per se but you are at close contact potentially with someone or someones for an extended time
Would not and do not sit in close proximity to anyone, that includes doctors surgery, all though my local one is closed.
Naomi sneeze can carry as far as 14 feet according to government suggestions.
That’s when you need your lovely face mask and you can spend the flight conversing with Mr Snot
Not sure how it works when the person in the window seat wants to go to the toilet, not going to maintain the distance then
I think it's utterly pointless, the distance between a window and an aisle seat (in a 3 formation) isn't even a metre never mind two. The air's circulating round too.
Can't they leave a window open, Prudie?
It would be nice if they gave their customers their refunds for cancelled flights before they started worrying about future sales
I’d have thought the front and back seats won’t have many in them either
//I think it's utterly pointless, the distance between a window and an aisle seat (in a 3 formation) isn't even a metre never mind two. The air's circulating round too.//


The seat width on all of SqueezyJet's fleet of 318 aircraft (Airbuses, A319, A320 and A321) is 18 inches. This plan will see passengers 18 inches from their neighbour's shoulder. This is without the other situations on board an aircraft where people are moving about, boarding, alighting and going to the loo. I note, though, that Mr Lundgren suggests that the measure will be an interim one and which he hopes will encourage people to return to flying. Flying involves getting "up close and personal" at a number of junctures during the process and frankly this scheme will do nothing to assist "social distancing" whatsoever. If you want to practise that the only solution is not to fly.

It doesn’t reassure me at all. Plus easyjet are only cancelling flights for seven days at a time in the hope that people will rebook. I am not at all impressed by them.
Can they fill seats at present ? Occurs to me they might struggle to find enough folk to fill all of both window and aisle seats. Woe betide a window passenger needs to get to the toilet.
Doesn't your post, NJ, fly;) in the face of your calls to re-open the economy?
To board a plane, train, bus or return to work, you'll all have to show the green light on the virus apps you'll be downloading.(I suspect)

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Easyjet To Leave Middle Seats Empty

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