Easyjet To Leave Middle Seats Empty

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MargoTester | 15:53 Thu 16th Apr 2020 | News
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This seems sensible and I would think all airlines will do the same.


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wont help, air gets pumped around the cabin.
Scratting around for an excuse to fly again.
this of course is when the social distancing is over !
//Doesn't your post, NJ, fly;) in the face of your calls to re-open the economy?//

No not really. I'm simply commenting on the futility of sitting people 18 inches apart believing it will assist in "social distancing". If you want to continue with that practice then sitting 18 inches apart from your neighbour is scarcely any different to sitting immediately adjacent. More than that, as I suggested, there are far more opportunities to be close to other people when flying than just when seated.
Ah so what is classed 'Business class' on a European flight (Thats how they usually do it)

So I guess prices to match.

Pointless exercise as raised above.

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Easyjet To Leave Middle Seats Empty

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