So Much About It Being In It Together

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Bobbisox1 | 09:22 Sun 05th Apr 2020 | News
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Abu Dhabi Royal Family to charge millions in rent for the Excel now a 4,000 bed Nightingale hospital


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The rich and powerful always have ways for increasing both at the expense of the masses. I guess one is entitled to a fair rent, but in these times, a little chartity wouldn't have hurt.
How much would you charge a National government ?
Doubtless this will now be back-tracked on and we can all move on in the spirit of brotherhood, etc.

Administrative error, over zealous employee, no offence intended.
Haven't read the article (going out for the paper now) but I'd guess this is down to minions.
These Emirs like to appear generous and can afford to be, so I could see the rent being waived.
Question Author
I hope so Spicey then it ‘bigs’ them up as being generous to the rest of the world, I didn’t know they owned the NEC in London but I’m not surprised
It's normally the Excell centre, so who pays the Burton normally? The government should just force purchase it anyway.
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Bazile, in the current situation?
Nothing !
I heard the Italians sent the Chinese PPE (for free)
Now the Chinese are selling it back to them.
Some chutzpah...if true.
Bobbi you'd be surprised how much of the UK the Arabs own.
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Yes I would be I think Aunt Polly
Lots of property, most of it laying dormant, just investments.
To the filthy rich, it's not personal, just business. Whether or not 'tis true, I read that SCM, a company that specialises in investing in businesses hit by falling share prices, stand to make a fortune from the virus. A certain Jacob Rees Mogg has a 15% stake in SCM.
Aunt polly,
Years ago someone tried to write a book.
His reason was ,he was amazed at the amount of foreign ownership,
He never finished the book as he was blocked from information in regards to ownership.
They ( The Dubai Royal Family) own all of the Bollihope Estate for starters....
We do still need business to work and to make profits where possible. Money is the oil in the financial engine. The worst thing would be for all of industry & commerce to collapse.
TonyV they are buying up all of the traditional shooting estates as the landed gentry gently go bust and have to sell them off. In Upper Teesdale and further north they are throwing Tenant farmers off the land they have farmed for generations as the sheep 'disturb' the pheasants and its not cost effective.
Quite Zacs.

If the place is being occupied then there will be costs of running it plus no doubt plenty of wear and tear plus the cost of fumigating etc.

In addition were the council waiving the business rates? I doubt it.
That is truly shocking.
If the Health Minister knowingly agreed to pay £3Million/month then he really should be resigning.

During lockdown the exhibition centre wasn’t going to be having any shows or visitors, so it revenue would have been zero. So the argument about it being a commercial rate is hogwash.
£3m a month is peanuts on a national scale.
Good friends of our Charlie Windsor, of course.

There is US, and there is THEM. Colour, race, religion - not issues.

Money is.

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So Much About It Being In It Together

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