So What Are The Americans Queuing Up To Buy?

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allenlondon | 20:45 Sat 04th Apr 2020 | News
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Unbelievably, guns. They’re going to shoot their way out of this Foreign Virus business.


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It's a source of constant amazement to me why this surprises anyone. It's part of their national sub-conscious, not to mention actually written into their Bill of Rights.
Well, if I was in America, I wouldn't be going to Walmart anytime soon.

Panic buying with a gun?
Well there is the gun culture over there but more than anything, if there is an enforced lock down, and along with that mass unemployment (as started to happen there already), with people panicking, panic buying, thinking the world is going to end, people want to be able to defend themselves, their family and property.

Quite a few of them think that Covid is a 'commie' plot and are preparing to defend their homeland against allcomers. The comments below some of the 'prepper' interest videos on YouTube are mind boggling.
As I mentioned in a similar thread, two different cultures and two different approaches to the problem: The Americans are going to shoot the virus to death, whereas the British are going to clap it to death:)
'Im absolutely convinced that Covid-19 is just the government proving how easy it is to control the whole planet. They own the media, remember that'

'Well if they start going around door to door trying to confiscate people property (firearms) then I say my friends it’s time to fight. Get you’re groups, militias, friends, family, neighbors, fellow patriots and let the revolution, civil war, want ever you want to call it begin. These are Satan worshipping scum of the earth that are behind all this..Hope to god that doesn’t happen but we gota do what we gota do. NEVER give up you’re firearms or rights!!. This virus is a scam to enact fear and panic to try and take from America. I can see right through the BS.'

Those are from here:
//So What Are The Americans Queuing Up To Buy?//

Bread? Will they get stabbed or shot in the queue?
Coronavirus thrives on bread get shot of it.
To be honest, I don’t blame them
It's just a big misunderstanding. All Trump said was, "We need to get shot of this virus thing."
I think the potential for another Waco style confrontation in the not too distant future is very real. Anti-gun authorities appear to be using emergency powers to curb gun ownership and the more excitable see this as the precursor to swingeing infringement of the 2nd amendment (the right to keep and bear arms.)
I just hope that the more vociferous are more mouth than trouser.
This 'news' must be hanging up in Allen's bathroom.
In some US States gun shops are allowed to stay open during this 'crisis'.
I doubt they think they can "shoot their way out of this Foreign Virus business", the gun shop owner in the article said "Financial meltdown, pandemic, crime, politics" were probably contributing factors, and you can throw in fear of compulsory vaccinations, attempted firearm seizures by authorities, and possibly the historical context of gun culture.
There is as much chance of gun ownership ending in the US as the worldwide arms trade ending.

I don't blame them either Zacs-Master.

This is what the most vociferous U.S. anti-gun lobby are putting out in their campaign. :-)

'Give me ONE reason why any civilian needs access to something like this'
Is that more than just an assembly of diverse camera kit then RC?
Well there is a bog roll shortage Spice :-)
Some. Still say it's mainly reality dawning on the liberals.
i had to buy a Glock 19 from friend because i think i need it in this difficult situation to protect my family, actually this is my first experience with guns i only know guns on video games lol, before buying this pistol i watched many videos about guns and bullets and read some information about the basic parts of the bullet and the pistol oi also checked this: to choose the right ammo for my gun because i think it’s important to know all these basics before start using guns, i still hate guns but sometimes we need to do things we hate.

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So What Are The Americans Queuing Up To Buy?

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