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Back then there was an official post of Deputy PM probably because it was a coalition.
But you don’t need that normally, just appoint someone when you need to
Raab, oh dear. I've liked the look of Sunak and Hancock, they seem to have a clearer idea of what's going on and what needs to be done.
Oops I boobed:-
As well as being foreign secretary, Dominic Raab holds the title of First Secretary of State. But he is not the Deputy Prime Minister
when I see Dominic Raab I can't help but think of this guy
// The advice is to self isolate for 14 days//

Naomi gets ratty OK very ratty when I say no that isnot right BUT
no that is not right
7 d for the ill one ( index case or propositus)
14 d for the hanger on ( household)

My nephew went back to A+E after seven days - er as a doctor that is! and the exquisite cook stayed on for another 7

yes it is concerning that BoHo maintains a temp above normal as it is that subset ( the ones who dont get better ) progress to lung complications ( that is they dont get better )

the disadv is that poor BoJo needs isolation kissy wissy ( dirty boy!) for longer - and may progress to Really Ill
the adv is there is one - is that it concentrates the mind of those who rule us in our own best interests that this really is a serious disease
and 'they would have died anyway' thank you Dr Lee, has a difft meaning completely if it is you
The post of deputy prime minister no longer exist, but there is a second in the hierarchy and that is Raab.
I like the latest ‘Private Eye’ cover.

Boris on video-Link
Caption: The last time I was stuck in a flat this long I was hiding in a wardrobe.
surely his "enforcer" will take over?
16.53 , Who do you mean, bednobs?.
21.01 Sorry, I thought you meant Cummings.
Some people obviously take longer than others - and, sadly, it is very serious for some. Boris didn't look well - so needs a few more days, that's all. He'll do well to be OK by the end of next week (going by when I had the H2sn1, or whatever it was called 10 years ago - weeks before I felt anything like). Unfortunate timing. It needs a strong hand at the tiller at the moment.

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Boris Still In Self Isolation

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