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Cloverjo | 01:45 Fri 03rd Apr 2020 | News
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Do the top footballers get paid their grotesque wages even when there are no matches being played?

Why are some top wealthy clubs claiming the government’s 80% furlough subsidy for their (low paid) support staff while the players are still raking it in?

I think it’s disgusting and football in general should look at what it’s doing.

Yes I know there are one or two individuals who have been generous, but the whole thing stinks.


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the company I worked for was once closed down for 10 weeks by a strike in another deparment. I was on full pay throughout. So I guess the answer to that part of your question is if you're on a contract, you're ready to turn up, but they can't give you work to do, then it's reasonable to go on paying you.

The rest of your question, I don't know.
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Thanks for your answer, jno.
I might bring this up again for discussion another time.

It does seem odd, but as jno points out - it's probably in thge contract.

I do get your sentiment though and I cant see that football can ride this out long time if their punters are struggling but their footballers swank around in flash motors etc. A

Could be another Marie Antionette moment perhaps?

But lets wait and see what they do first.
with all the details in their contracts it’s probably in there contracts that they get more for not playing .
If ever there was a time to take a long hard look a remuneration packages in sport, this is it.

The number of 'pundits', i.e. out to grass, otherwise unemployable ex players bears examination too.
Yes, douglas9401. Time too to question the disgracefully generous pay of executives. Time was when to question it received the reply, "But if we don't pay they will be lost to America". I don't believe there could ever have been the demand to employ all of them there; and in the new order we shall face after Coronavirus, America will not be in need of many of them.
Maybe the government should be paying 80% of the players wages in order to help the poor sieged football teams.
yes I imagine they do, but TBF I heard some clubs' players are taking a cut to pay wages of non playing staff. How long can the clubs afford it anyway, I mean their income must be getting curtailed and what's the deal with Sky et al when there is no games? What's written into their agreements? Most clubs sail close to the wind financially as it is.
Piers Morgan asked Matt Hancock if he was going to take a pay cut as well as footballers and he got a huge backlash. The responses to Piers were 'what about you, are you taking a pay cut?'. Probably earns 3 or 4 times more than Matt Hancock.

I'm sorry, but some of these footballers earn more in a week than most NHS staff earn in a year then yes, they should take a pay cut.
Could it be that the renumeration packages are so large because the top names in football generate a large amount of money through Sky Sports, BT Sports, match attendances, sponsorship deals, academy take etc?

Could it be that pubs and bars up and down the country are licenced to broadcast games and because of this, they see income rise?

Could it be because football is a huge cash cow and that those at the top generate money across not only directly, but indirectly.

If someone is working at the top of a field where Virgin, Sky, and BT are showing game and charging a premium, what should they earn?

£20,000 a year and an Oyster card to the stadium?
As has already been said, footballers are on contracts. Pay cuts, unless voluntary, cannot be implemented until these contracts are up for renewal. Some of our footballers have already agreed to pay cuts - Brighton's entire squad, I believe, have done so.
It's very easy to be generous with other people's money.

^^^Yes, funny that, isn't it?

It's the same school of thought that it's only ever other people who pay too little tax.
anyone want to start a whip round for gary lineker?
Would that be the same Gary Lineker who has donated two months salary (£140,000) to the Red Cross to help in the fight against C19?
anyone want to start a whip round for gary lineker?
he is not the only one.
overpaid for stating the obvious,
now we have learned an over the hill scottish player earns £7,500 a week,it beggars belief,time for a shake up from top to bottom.
He can afford it Ken! I give to charity regularly and give what I can afford.
Footballers are in the entertainment industry and are paid according to the money they can generate.
No one expects actors, or singers or Directors or football managers to take a pay cut, so why do people expect footballers to give up their contracted Pay.

I agree that wealthy clubs, with wealthy owners, furloughing their staff and expecting the taxpayer to fork out 80% of their salary is taking the pzz, but they are legally entitled to it under the Governments’ scheme, so of course they are going to accept free money.
"He can afford it, Ken." Obviously, otherwise he wouldn't have done it. I would guess there's many of us who regularly give what we can to various charities. My point is no-one forces us to do it and Lineker chose to do so. Many celebs have stepped up to the plate during this crisis - and no doubt many more will in time. They're not all insensitive.

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