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Cloverjo | 01:45 Fri 03rd Apr 2020 | News
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Do the top footballers get paid their grotesque wages even when there are no matches being played?

Why are some top wealthy clubs claiming the government’s 80% furlough subsidy for their (low paid) support staff while the players are still raking it in?

I think it’s disgusting and football in general should look at what it’s doing.

Yes I know there are one or two individuals who have been generous, but the whole thing stinks.


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So what, I choose to donate to charity as well, don't we all?? Like I said, he can afford to donate such a sum. Doesn't make him a better person in my eyes.
i didn't suggest that he was insensitive but seventy grand a month to tell us what might happen in a football game is ludicrous

I agree with you Jo - a total disgrace re their salaries.
Why is it a disgrace?

Do you have a maximum salary in mind for everyone?

Ever considered residence in the PRC?
As are most tv salaries, ael. Yet you chose to single out Lineker. Okay, he is the BEEB's highest earner but scroll down the page a tad and you come across people like Claudia Winkleman on nearly £400K per year or Huw Edwards on almost half a million per year. I dare say there are similarly ridiculously paid presenters on the other channels, too.
it's a competitive market; if the BBC don't pay enough they lose their best presenters or even whole programmes like Bake Off.
I'm afraid it's a case of market forces, all the people mentioned are essentially self employed, and will go to who is paying the highest salary.
wrong word insert effectively for essentially.
Iluvmargie; I didn't say he was a better person. I was merely pointing out to ael that he had made the gesture.
As I understand it, Gordon Taylor, Chairman of the PFA, the players' trade union, will not sanction cuts in salaries - which as advised, are liable to be paid under contract rules.

The issue is, the public perception of footballers, certainly in the Premier League, is that they are vastly overpaid for what they do, and as a result, should be willing to forgo sections of the salaries to pay non-playing staff.

Whereas I understand the moral point being made, as has been advised, footballers are a branch of entertainment, and seem to have been singled out in a manner which is not applied to any athletes in other sports, or tv or film stars who may also be being paid as their contracts demand, while not producing the entertainment for which they are being paid in the first place.

I believe it should be a matter for the conscience of each person, in whatever field they are employed, to decide if they wish to forgo a portion of their income to assist other people.

This situation is not of anyone's making, it seems unfair to simply single out a section of the population on the basis that public opinion deems them to be overpaid, and therefore commensurately liable to fund others who are not perceived as overpaid.

That is making a decision on the basis of public opinion, which is rarely a good basis for a decision on anything.
Footballers are an easy target. But it is their talent which generates gate money, merchandising sales and TV money for the football clubs.

I would sooner ask questions of owners such as Spurs boss Daniel Levy. He paid himself £6million last year, though he has a fortune of nearly £2billion.
Yet Levy was one of the first to discard his loyal staff and put them on the 80% Government handout.

Will the big supermarkets, who apparently have gained an extra £2 billion of business over the last couple of weeks, be donating a proportion of their profits to appropriate causes?

The big supermarkets are asking the Government to delay the rise in minimum wage because of Coronavirus.
Greedy batsards.

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