Uk A Police State?

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retrocop | 11:06 Thu 02nd Apr 2020 | News
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If some people don't like the way the British police are trying to stop those who ignore social distancing then best you try moving to the Phillipines. If Corvid doesn't kill you then the President's men will!


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Too many sf around Retro,
I am talking to my friend in Spain daily on messenger. To be honest the Spanish police are acting like a communist state and frightening people. (Old habits die hard!). We are lucky here!
Covid nor Corvid (that's crows). But yes, I'd far rather be here than there!
The term 'police state' is evocative and guaranteed to generate a negative reaction, which is why portions of the media throw it in now and again to stir people up.

We are no more a 'police state' than fly - people need to get a sense of proportion.
Gulliver is our Spanish correspondent, or so he claims, Gully can you give us the picture over there?
Apc2604. Perhaps you should divert a little of your important social media time to studying European history. This might stop your inferring that the Spanish state was ever communist!
Allen. Thank you for your stern talking to. I didn't make myself clear, I agree. Ì said the Spanish police were acting like a communist state. I said old habits die hard. Franco's regime was extreme right and to me extreme right and left are much the same.
My media time is not that important! But you obviously are very self important and rude with it!
No we are not a Police State in any shape or form. One or two Officers have been overzealous which is hardly surprising since it does attract those who want to push people around. In the main I think Plod have done a good job.
Apr2604. Why do you want to escalate this to a fight? Bored, or what?
ToraToraTora //Gulliver is our Spanish correspondent, or so he claims, Gully can you give us the picture over there?//
^ You started it!
I merely questioned his/her mixing up history, apparently to make a point. I prefer cleaner, more precise arguments. It was she/he who started the row (self-important/rude).

Perhaps we’re all a bit bored.

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Uk A Police State?

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