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No? normal time
Ah good. I don't know how quick... when did he contract it?
He usually has good health so a speedy recovery from his mild symptoms seems right.
Isolated for 7 days, which is the norm ?
Think he was diagnosed last Monday so that'd be 7 days. Duchess will need to self-isolate for a further 7 days.
Question Author
"Isolated for 7 days, which is the norm ?"

14 days, no?
Royal Blood , only to be expected.
So pleased for him
TD, I think the 14 days is required for people who've been in contact with the person with the virus - that's because there's no certainty about the incubation period.

From your link.

//The Duchess of Cornwall remains in self-isolation as per the government’s guidelines, which advises that those with symptoms must self-isolate for seven days, while family members without symptoms must do so for 14 days.//
Safe journey Charlie .
You're right Neveracrossword, my daughter has recovered after 7 days but my son in law and grandson ( 16 ) are now in 14 days quarantine
I think it's great not because it's him particularly but because it sends the message that 1000s of people who have caught this get over it without being carted off to hospital. Anything that reduces the worry beads.
Absolutely Prudie , same as my daughter
There, TD, lots of things - including your own link - to set your mind at rest.
We tend to hear of the ones that’s died but not those that have recovered
Finally a good news story, things are looking up.

I just hope the same can be said for everyone he shook hands with, lets not let him out just yet eh?!
Bobbi, the figures are vague for all sorts of reasons, but at present 22,448 people in Britain have been confirmed with the illness, 1408 have died and 171 have recovered.
// "Isolated for 7 days, which is the norm ?
14 days, no?//

14 days, no? - o god I wish people would write Emglish on this thread
NOOOOOO he snarls
7 if you have tested positive
and 14 if you havent
the advice changed last week
thing is they know Charlie boy is post-infectious
althooooo - - - you go on shedding virus possibly for another 7 days by test but if no one gets it - then the virus is all dead

( "discussion" on alive and dead virus a few days ago which just went all over the place)

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