'Narcissist' Corbyn Boasts ' Pandemi Shows I Was Right

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lindapalmara | 14:40 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | News
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He said he was right on public spending. Can you believe it?


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as pointed out on the other thread, he was asked a question and answered. It wasn't a boast.
Great post AH
Alastair Darling as Labour Chancellor shook the magic money tree in 2008 to bail,out the banks, and George Osborne did it in2010 to give £7bn to the Republic Of Ireland to buoy them up.
Corbyn wanted to do the same £500bn but to revamp public services and capital expenditure on infrastructure projects to generate income and boost the economy.
It was a good plan, but he carried too much baggage with terrorists and antiSemitism etc to get elected.
Alistair Darling was a Labour chancellor at a time when the Tories suggested they’d have done nothing.

That’s the point really. Here is a Tory govt paying people to do nothing - crisis or no crisis.
So while Corbyn is going at it from the wrong angle (as usual) there is a serious point generally.
Are we still giving away the £14 billion a year in overseas aid? How about we now use the majority of it to help our own citizens.
The banks were, "Too Big To Fail." (sic)
dont worry about for the tax hike, but at least some of us hopefully will be alive...the alterbative is mmm well you work it out.
Theland - // The banks were, "Too Big To Fail." (sic) //

It sounds like trite newspeak, but in fact, the phrase is valid.

The cost to the economy in terms of immediate catastrophe and long-term damage would have been far greater than the cost of bailing them out - which is why they were bailed out.
Theland - // It was a good plan, but he carried too much baggage with terrorists and antiSemitism etc to get elected. //

It's a little more complex than that -

Corbyn was not and never ever could be an actual party leader - he got the role by default and was never remotely suited to it.

Add to that the party surrounding him - people promoted seriously way above their abilities and attributes, and the ludicrous policies they offered the public, and it was all over.

The electorate are not actually stupid, treat them as if they are at your peril, and reap the rewards.

As I have advised previously - my last five years with BT were on the ground floor of the Broadband rollout and I have had direct site of the gigantic complexity and costs involved, so Corbyn advising 'broadband for everyone … ' for £20 billion sounded great.

I know more about Broadband infrastructure and costs than Jeremy Corbyn, and the current BT Chairman, who knows more than both of us, and then some, advised that £40 billion would do as a starting figure, and rise from there, and hey presto, Corbyn looks like an out-of-touch dreamer instead if a credible leader.

He was unelectable when they selected him, and he managed to make his party unelectable as well - they have some serious ground to make up to even think of being a serious Opposition Party - and a shot at government is so far ahead that it's invisible.

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'Narcissist' Corbyn Boasts ' Pandemi Shows I Was Right

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