Oh No, How Are We Going To Cope.....?

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ToraToraTora | 12:56 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | News
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didn't know who the leader was until i read the link ...
Do more quizzes?
They are irrelevant anyway so they could wait till 2029 and no one would notice.
If the Con Cabinet all had to self Isolate , would that mean,
"The Opposition Party " would have to take control of The Country.
"Mr Pack said the decision was in the national interest, with the UK facing possibly its "biggest crisis since 1945"."

What was the crisis in 1945?
12,29 , Could not resist that one Danny, I could almost see your hair standing on end and you breaking out in Goose Bumps.
The road ahead will certainly be a hard one, TTT, but I think we'll muddle through :-//
At least the Lib Dems actually have a caretaker leader, the previous leader having stood down smartly after the election unlike that of another opposition party.

Speaking of which, the new labour leader will be announced next Saturday
just who is leader...

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Oh No, How Are We Going To Cope.....?

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