Nhs Workers To Be Thanked With Nationwide Round Of Applause

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naomi24 | 09:07 Thu 26th Mar 2020 | News
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//A national salute is set to take place to honour the hardworking NHS staff who are trying to battle coronavirus.

In a gesture of thanks to the frontline healthcare heroes, everyone across the nation has been invited to join a a mass round of applause from their doorsteps, windows and balconies on Thursday [tonight] at 8pm.//

Will you be joining in?


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I think that the rag-tag attempt to organize a mass clapping of hands is rather futile. How about organizing the coordinated pealing of all church bells in the land. That would ensure that a great number of people would be able to hear and perhaps contemplate upon the significance of the sound.
I will be will I g to do so, but my neighbour puts her 3 little children to bed by 6.30 pm every night. Don't think she would appreciate all of us clapping out of window!
Heavens I can't imagine a few people clapping for a few moments is going to wake the kids.

I'd do it if I thought there was anyone who might appreciate it watching ...
No. No-one would see me or hear me! I wouldn't do it anyway. Lesve it to Spain and Italy where they are used to bellowing from their windows and making a noise.
Sanmac, how would you do the massive bell ringing with social distancing and self isolation in place?
It's going to be dark by then so who will know? My daughter works for the NhS. Despite that, if they made the salute for everybody working tirelessly throughout I might be more inclined to join in.
Perhaps just have one bell-ringer toll the biggest bell with the biggest clapper...Oops, we're back to clappers.
Just a question, for all those that are highlighting how pointless the applause was, what are their opinions on a minute's silence being observed for various occasions? Surely they are just as meaningless as one another?
I wasn't going to until I heard so many on our street and in the area. Surreal but heartwarming.
Agree, was moving.
I don't think anyone who said it was pointless meant the gesture was pointless - just pointless making a noise no-one can hear. That's entirely different to taking a minute to reflect in silence. If that was suggested for the NHS I'm sure many would do so, probably me included (although I still maintain there are many other workers carrying on in difficult conditions but they are forgotten).
Well... I was wrong... there was a huge noise of cheering and clapping here... it was quite touching. I didn't think it would be that obvious (maybe the message about live drones helped...)... but, wow.
// I think that the rag-tag attempt to organize a mass clapping of hands is rather futile.//

well I got my arriss into gear and went to the door
about half the street had, as well

futile - is the cheeping of bird in a wood, futile if no one is there to hear it or does it retain its beauty
or the sound of one hand clapping ?
I’ve always suspected that the “minute’s applause” was brought in when they were afraid a silence would not be impeccably observed.
Not the reasoning behind this one of course
Why applaud people who are doing the job they are trained for? Yes, one can be grateful, but this virtue signalling is more for the people who do it, or are SEEN to be doing it. Like when random people congregate at the scene of a tragedy and leave flowers.
Miserable git. :/
I don’t agree with you APG: and whoever invented that dreadful term “virtue signalling “ ...
I have four relatives who work in the NHS. I was happy to go outside and pay my small tribute to them.

However, the thanks need to be extended to all key workers who are doing a sterling but trying job keeping us fed, medicated and comfortable.
"Virtue signalling": what an utter *** phrase. When did gratitude start being something to be derided? I would imagine that those being honoured found it rather moving.
Seems the clap went round like wildfire

I personally found it extremely cringeworthy

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Nhs Workers To Be Thanked With Nationwide Round Of Applause

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