Nhs Workers To Be Thanked With Nationwide Round Of Applause

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naomi24 | 09:07 Thu 26th Mar 2020 | News
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//A national salute is set to take place to honour the hardworking NHS staff who are trying to battle coronavirus.

In a gesture of thanks to the frontline healthcare heroes, everyone across the nation has been invited to join a a mass round of applause from their doorsteps, windows and balconies on Thursday [tonight] at 8pm.//

Will you be joining in?


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I live in the middle of nowhere too, Maydup, so I won't be joining in either. Nevertheless I think it's a nice gesture - and additionally in bad times I think anything that brings people together in a positive way has to be worthwhile.
No. My neighbours are a closed pub, a closed caravan park and an empty house. It would be a bit daft to stand outside and clap.

I think supermarket workers also deserve our thanks. They could easily say they’ve got a cough and not go into work, but they’re still there trying to help us all get fed.
I like the gesture but all it will do is upset the roosting pigeons and pheasants. So I think it unlikely we will.

I do think this is an empty gesture by some tho. Staying at home and observing the rules is the best way of supporting them.
What a load of clap. No way. There must be better and more practical ways of acknowledging the work they are doing. Many other workers doing more than their share at the moment as well.
I do it most nights when the neighbour lets the dog back in.
No I won't be going outside and spitting and waving it into the atmosphere where people might be walking past. I always thought it was a stupid idea when I saw them in Italy spraying it out from their balconies into the street.
We've already had enough gestures of appreciation from our own individual Trusts. My own Trust has given us free staff parking and free food 3 times a day from the canteen.

The gesture is appreciated though, if unnecessary.
"TD, you won't stand in your own front garden, nowhere near your neighbours, and yet you go to the supermarket and mix in close proximity with all and sundry to get their shopping. "

There is necessity, then there is needless clapping in the dark.
Apart from it being pointless because no-one will hear us no I won't, I feel this is something that should be done maybe towards the end of the pandemic fair enough but not now. I also agree with Roy in that supermarket workers must have been having it really rough with an angry and sometimes rude public to deal with.
I doubt it. There are plenty of other unsung key workers who are trying to keep the country running but if I clapped for the NHS I would clap for them too. (I thanked my oldest who is a nurse practitioner yesterday though) I`m doing my bit for the NHS by volunteering which seems more practical than standing on the doorstep clapping.
No acause these wonderful people don’t do their work for applause they do it cause they care . The round I would agree with is a round of pay rises and free parking and other bonuses the greedy politicians have access to .
oldest *friend*
no: i am british you know!
Yes, will drop off box chocs as I clomp past
Darned right we will, naomi. My pov is that not to shows a meanness of spirit, whether or not individuals think it is a futile gesture. We are currently awaiting OH's histology report (by phone) which is already overdue to see if radiotherapy is recommended. God bless our NHS.
Nice idea, but it only works in close-together apartment buildings, many with balconies, as they have abroad. I'd feel daft standing clapping at my door in my deserted village.
Do you think their pay will reflect our gratitude?
And now I'll have the clap:-)
I won't be doing it as they'll be no one to hear it if I did, but it has to be said, there ain't 'arf some Meldrews on AB. Miserable, cynical feckers, some of ya.
It will be interesting to see if my "close knit" community come out on their balconies tonight. I'd think we'd be a bit too close for comfort.

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Nhs Workers To Be Thanked With Nationwide Round Of Applause

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