Everyone Is Getting What They Wanted

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Khandro | 23:25 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | News
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so where's the beef?


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What's with your obsession on posting pointless self-aggrandising videos from nameless pointless people?

Are you getting paid for this nonsense or what!!!
On the bright side, it's giving us(ABers) something to talk about. Shame about people dying though.
Spicerack - // On the bright side, it's giving us(ABers) something to talk about. Shame about people dying though. //

I can hear and read all I want about this dreadful virus through mainstream media, without resorting to giving house room to another attention seeking numpty who seems to believe that access to a microphone and a computer means that his opinions and views are of interest to anyone at all outside his immediate circle - and in this case, probably not there either!
He's very popular, andy.
I clicked on one of his videos this morning. It had been up for 20 minutes and had 80,000 hits.
Some of them get over a million hits.
So while you might not like them....
The MSM are ***. Only morons use it.
I just wish people who post videos would give a synopsis of their content. In order to enter into any sort of discussion on this particular offering one is obliged to spend almost ten minutes finding out what it's about. I've already spent almost an hour today watching a video that Khandro asked me to watch only to find that when I had he had nothing to say about it. I'll give this one a miss.
Carl has a lot of groupies - I think it's because he chuckles a lot.
Spicerack - // He's very popular, andy. //

So is the common cold!!!
I watched and listened for about 3 minutes as I believed that the green-eyed damsel giving me the finger was in some form of dire distress, and that I could come to her rescue on my high horse and return her to the safety of her turreted castle...Well summat like that.
Nah ... the common cold is common ... but popular? I doubt that very much.
andy, it's to accompany the awful poems he keeps posting
"The Labour Party doesn't want people working..."
I don't think so.
"Public Schools are closed..."
But they'll open again and it won't be as state schools.
I think he's an eejit.
Think you've got a crush on the bearded guy, Khandro.
Naomi, at 2300, I agree with you; why would anyone have the belief that the common cold is popular? Quite bizarre.
Sargon of thingy again? At least by now we have fair warning.
This isn't news is it?

I agree with Naomi: please post some sort of accompanying, meaningful context, otherwise most people are going to go "Oh no, not again" and all that effort is wasted.
And it just feels like spam.

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