Brave Healthcare Workers, How Will They Cope?

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NickorWan | 16:17 Tue 24th Mar 2020 | News
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Just read that in Catalonia alone 1,400 healthcare workers have been tested positive for the virus, and worse to come apparently.


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Courageous folk, even if many feel they have little choice for it's their calling. Should be priority for any help available.
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I have just read that in the last 24 hours 170,000 Brits signed up to join the NHS volunteer army despite those frightening numbers. Heroes all.
you cope with it by going to bed
rising and saying I feel much better now
and going back to work
buoyed up by the fact that it doesnt matter now if PPE fails
( altho personally I have never been attracted to other peoples gob on my hands)

my nephew has just gone +ve ( temp cough etc) and - - - - didnt infect wifey.
what no kissy kissy for a week ?

clearly I am writing AB speak on AB - I use more flowing language with longer words according to the context
Indeed Nick. Well done to all of them. Brings back our faith in mankind after the greedy selfish lot we've been reading about lately.
// hat in the last 24 hours 170,000 Brits signed up//

I think the pay off or pay back will be later
Boris - "no selly selly to Trump of bits of the NHS !"
and he will be able to carry it forward by the peoples vote !
in Spain, healthcare workers make up more than 13.4% of all cases
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