What Is Wrong With People?

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ToraToraTora | 10:28 Tue 24th Mar 2020 | News
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i agree, that goes also for the *** who trashed 4 ambulances the other day.
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...I'd rather test on these vile creatures than innocent animals.
Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Dr Mengele.

Dial it back a notch, Tora.
These are the little shyyyts who will be rioting in 3 weeks when they can’t get their vapes and tins of White Lightning as they have KFC withdrawal.
Question Author
so you are happy with these snowflake gabs then doug?! Have a day off, the worst kind of scum is brought to your attention and you attack the messenger. Really?
If the messenger thinks that injecting folk with a potentially lethal virus is appropriate then yes, I'm marginally more happy with them than you.

You might want to speak to someone about your rage issues.
Hitler thought doing experiments on people was a good idea, so TTT isn't alone with his thoughts.
Interesting comments but please don't lower yourselves to the same level as these morons.
Douglas 11.27, do you mean something like an anger management course ?.
''vapes and tins of White Lightning... KFC''.

Odd 'diet' for the thugs who dominate the Dewsbury/Batley and Spen area of West Yorkshire - but if that's what you like to sneer about...

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What Is Wrong With People?

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