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Bazile | 22:08 Mon 23rd Mar 2020 | News
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I've got an hospital appointment on Wednesday

Due to have my car MOT this week . Can I take it have it done ?

Will insurance be valid if the car is out of MOT?

My wife work late shift at a nursing home
Will I be able to go and pick her up at the end of her shift ?


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Doubt the M.O.T station will be opened ? Only shops selling food , and chemists should be opened
Not if the garage is shut.

Pick your wife up and if you get questioned by the police, tell them Roy from Anwerbank said it was ok.

any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person; and

travelling to and from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home.

I'd say you can get yourself to hospital. The nursing home may be able to advise about your wife; that sounds like providing care but I wonder if they would expect your wife to drive herself.

They've already relaxed MOT requirements for heavy vehicles but I haven't seen anything about cars yet.
I think garages and MOT stations are regarded as essential businesses, until anyone advises otherwise.
Due to pick up new car in a couple of days. PCP on old car runs out on 4=April. Paid deposit. MOT due, service due and insurance. What do we do? Don’t want to pay twice. Can tax old car online, but will then have the hassle of paying again on new one, then claiming it back. What about post offices? Are they classed as banks? Got food for a couple of weeks at a stretch.
jut tax it for a month
An expired MoT does not invalidate car insurance. The insurance only requires that the car is roadworthy.
Formula One Autocentres (which I can recommend) are open normally for MOT tests:

. . . as are Kwik-fit:

Most other workshops are probably open normally too.

The third-party element of your vehicle's insurance WILL remain valid if you drive it without a valid MOT certificate. (i.e. you CAN'T be prosecuted for driving without insurance just because the MOT has run out). However the validity of any additional cover (such as 'fire and theft' or 'fully comprehensive') will be subject to the particular terms of your policy.
//Due to have my car MOT this week . Can I take it have it done ?//

"Currently, yes you do. If your car needs an MOT you should book it in with a garage in time so that you don’t fall foul of the law. Garages and car dealerships are working with customers to try to offer the safest possible ways to do this. Some are collecting cars from customers and cleaning them carefully afterwards. "

Have you spoken to the garage to check what their procedure is Baz?
Mine is due at the end of April, and the garage will collect and bring it back.
Yes, but I doubt those links have been updated since 8:30
Carry proof of appointment at MOT centre, that would get u thru a prosecution
Here's a list Bazile of places that are allowed to open as of midnight tonight, hope it helps .......
//An expired MoT does not invalidate car insurance. //

It does with some companies. Always check the small print.
My car is booked in for a service tomorrow at 09.30. When that's done, I'm going for a game of golf - on me todd!
I had an outpatient appointment for tomorrow, they cancelled today.
Maybe phone and check before setting off.
lol ; ))))))))
My husband says can he go to his allotment....he rarely sees anyone down there ... and it's exercise...
Clarion, just remember to shout "two" instead of "fore".
10 Clarion, You are lucky if yours is still open, mine; has been closed by order of the government & I've just paid my annual subscription! I can see no sense in preventing you from playing alone, don't remove the flags or pick up, no matter how much is the temptation, any found golf balls.

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