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Bazile | 22:08 Mon 23rd Mar 2020 | News
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I've got an hospital appointment on Wednesday

Due to have my car MOT this week . Can I take it have it done ?

Will insurance be valid if the car is out of MOT?

My wife work late shift at a nursing home
Will I be able to go and pick her up at the end of her shift ?


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Michael Gove has just stated specifically that playing golf is not allowed.
It’s a good walk spoiled anyway.
Just do the walk

I hope Gove didn’t say he was following “expert” advice :-)
Naomi - if your car insurance insists on a valid MoT you can find yourself in a situation where you can't get one done if the current one has expired, as the car won't even be allowed on the road. If this is a condition of your policy I'd change company next renewal.
N Ireland had cancelled all MOTs some while ago anyway due to a safety issue with equipment at the MOT centres.
I didn’t know what the position was there
This was posted on the BBC website 19 minutes ago - there is a section on MOT questions, if you scroll through;utm_medium=facebook
the ban on golf was because it's a social activity. I don't see why you should be banned from playing alone, it's reasonable exercise. They're keeping parks open so you can exercise as long as you keep your distance, the same ought to be true of golf courses. (I'm not a golfer.)
Here's the issue, there's too much confusion because there are so many different scenarios. I'd like to get back to my place to check all is ok, pick up the rates demand before the month ends, other mail, etc. etc.. And to do so doesn't involve me meeting anyone; but I'd suspect being stopped and fined despite being responsible. This sort of government control thing ought not be necessary, and if the right service/finance was forthcoming from the government then folk wouldn't feel a need to take risk in the first place, and this sort of restriction strategy wouldn't even be considered.
jno; I agree with you (for once :0) a lone golfer need not go anywhere near anyone else, & apart from his/her own equipment there is no need to touch anything, as I said earlier to 10 clarion, though it is usual to remove the flag when putting (which has been handled by others) there is no real need to do so, it can remain in place and the golf-ball can be removed from the hole with the fingers.
Question Author
Thanks all

It's not clear if I'm allowed to take / pick up my wife from work , given that she is in the caring profession

I really don't want her waiting at a bus stop late at night

Where would I go to check that out - any ideas ?
Well folks, the golf was very enjoyable - all by me little self!
I can understand the rule to close the clubs, but not the actual course.
Last week the UK's chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance told a commons select committee that playing golf during the coronavirus crisis is "an activity that is allowable". Obviously no-one was listening.
Bazile, I'm taking people to and from work because they don't want to use the bus. I don't see any problems.
It now appears that all vehicles that were due an MOT from March 30th are to have the expiry date of the old certificate extended by exactly 6 months. The measures will stay in place for 12 months but will also be under constant review.

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