Full Lockdown Essential What Do Others Think

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gordiescotland1 | 10:14 Mon 23rd Mar 2020 | News
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I think with a lot of people flouting the rules i think a full lockdown is now essential to avoid the situation we are seeing in Italy. I think the military need to get involved now. What do others think.


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i agree, many of the big chains of shops have now closed, even McDonalds and Primark.
How to implement it though, a pass to go out?
i have to try and get some goods so means trying the local shops...should i just stay in.
new forest england have closed or will close today, all the carparks in the new forest
Yes, as some people are ignoring the government's request to behave sensibly.
The government won’t be behaving responsibly until the shut ports and airports. Planes full of people are still arriving from other countries and flying around domestically were people are still in very close proximity to each other.
are these people coming home?
Spot on Zacs Master.When you read that Dominic Cummings was reportedly suggesting exposing pensioners to the virus for herd immunity and if any died too bad what faith can we have in these plans working.
where did you read that^^
Yes, get people off the streets by any mean necessary.
I think people feel safer out in the fresh air. That's why the parks and countryside areas are seeing such a surge in numbers.
It doesn't look like my partners firm will shut down. Also the nurse living here, she still has to go to work.
There are still flights going to and from Italy, there's one flying at the moment from Rome to New York, another hotspot. Either the whole world is as stupid as people here think the UK government is, or there are valids reasons why these flights are taking place.
It was ,apparently, in yesterday’s Sunday Times.It seems that people at this private engagement reported him saying”Herd immunity,protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die,too bad.”Downing street have strenuously denied the claims.
Viruses don’t like fresh air. They do like close spaces.
That’s why it’s right for pubs to close and right for people anywhere to keep their distance - and not to decamp en masse to other parts of the country.
And why it’s not really appropriate actually to stay indoors unless you have to. It’s not just health as in staying CV-free which is at stake
09.32, Grumpy, That is just what you would expect From Agent Dom.
emmie, it matters not where these people are coming from. They’re crammed together in a plane.

There are far too many flights for them all to just be rescue missions.

Have a look at the flight radar website,-0.12/8

Can anyone find evidence that 'agent Dom' actually said this?

09.50 Zm , Thanks for that link , although very frightening.
Full lockdown and a 6 pm curfew, it’s the only thing that will bring reality of this situation to those of an idiotic disposition.

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Full Lockdown Essential What Do Others Think

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