Covid-19 As A Career Enhancer

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Khandro | 08:52 Mon 23rd Mar 2020 | News
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and John Lennon's full of ****, can you 'Imagine' that?
Hillarious, good old Carl;


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Analysing a Flower Power pop song line by line is pretty pathetic. So is making a video which you hope thousands of people will watch where one of the main topics is celebrities craving attention is highly ironic.
Question Author
Yes, I thought you'd like it Zacs :0)
Carl must irritate you because you are the sort of target he goes for.
What sort of target is that?
Presumably one who exposes complete hippocritics and their supporters.
Question Author
It takes one to know one, ha-ha
Any chance you can get your money back on that ‘how to debate without looking stupidly childish’ course you went on?
Question Author
Do you mean you managed to get it back?
I think you just proved my point
I'm continuing to virtually isolate myself from the ravings of the Sauerkraut of Akron or whatever he likes to be called.

I didn't get my money back either.
They said I lost the debate demanding a refund when I grabbed the shop assistant by the throat and promised him a free makeover for his gob.
Some people are so unreasonable
Not really hilarious is it?

Carl gets bored again, we shouldn't mock him - not nice.
He comes across as jealous of celebrity status, which is a rather common complaint among those who seek attention.
Question Author
I think it depends on you point of view, if you think these nobody's trying to promote themselves by making this appalling video are to your liking, and if you think that people would be happier without possessions, (song written by a hypocritical multi-millionaire) countries, boundaries or religion, then I guess it's for you.

Personally, I think, & have always thought, it is the anthem of cretins.
Carl is simply trying to enhance his career.
I wasn't commenting on the video, just the person making it. I don't like the video at all, but I don't feel the need to make another video about it, nor to call them all out as 'nobody's' (sic). If you like him, he has links where you can sponsor him, or perhaps you already do.
Question Author
Mamyalynne; I'm not sure why he needs to enhance his career - enhance it to what what?

**Carl Benjamin
Channel, Sargon of Akkad, The Thinkery, Akkad Daily.
Years active 2013–present
Subscribers Sargon of Akkad: 960,000 The Thinkery: 440,000 Akkad Daily: 200,000
Total views Sargon of Akkad: 300 million The Thinkery: 140 million Akkad Daily: 33 million**

He's has quite a lot of coverage already, and why are you avoiding dealing with the issues raised rather than making pathetic attempts at denigrating the man?

Nick; It was I not he who called these jerks nobodies
I know who Carl is thank you.

The topic?

Celebrities make videos and tweets, that's not new.

'Imagine' as a song is not a favourite of mine - I have never thought to examine it.

Others doing song covers to while away some time fine by me, they are doing no harm.

Surprised he doesn't know (or pretends not to) who Sam Smith is.
I know, Khandro.

It is an unnecessary, and awful rendition of an overplayed song.

I don't judge people by the number of followers they have, but if you do, have you seen how many some of these 'nobodies' have?
One of those nobodies is Will Ferrell. Bit more famous than Morrissey.
Better singer too.

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Covid-19 As A Career Enhancer

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