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maggiebee | 23:20 Sun 22nd Mar 2020 | News
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Just been watching the News. Seems markets in London have been very busy today and pubs have been open. Here in Dundee the police are doing the rounds ensuring that no pubs/clubs/restaurants/cafes are open in line with Govt advice. Do they know something in London that we don't?


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Doubt it.
Those flouting the advice though, I'm sure will be the cause of any lock-downs in the future.

There was a wee fight outside a pub in the Inverclyde area last night.
Some pubs were open in Scotland
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Guess there will always be some who will ignore any advice given. They make it harder for the rest of us who are self-isolating though
I'm trying not to look at the papers and the news showing pictures of selfish braindead idiots ignoring advice while the number of victims grows. Sod's law it won't be them that catch it but an innocent relative or friend.
Look at this lot along Hove sea front. Good job I'm isolated.
The scenes on the news today were mind-boggling. These morons out in the parks and beaches can have no idea what is on the way; they'll soon find out. All this waffle from Johnson about 'advice' is just not good enough - the government needs to get a grip and instruct us not to go out, as they have in Italy and France.

It's going to get hellish.
With you 100% ladybirder. Was out shopping today, and was careful to leave a good 6 to 8 feet between myself and the person in front of me. Twice someone waltzed into the space I had left between myself and the person in front.
We have a lot to learn
meant to say at the checkout
It is difficult... I need to carry on working. But some of the relatives are ignoring all advice and carrying on as usual. But, if they pass anything to us, they are risking other people, their own family, our families, and our business. They might not worry for themselves, but it affects others too.
No space in the queues at the checkout at all in Tesco last week, Sam - just like any normal very busy day. Those poor checkout men and women don't stand a chance.
I fear a full lockdown is imminent brainiac.
I swuold have thought so, Sam. I see New Zealand has just moved to a pre-lockdown stage and will go full lockdown on Wednesday. We should probably be doing something very similar.

Having said that, even in lockdown I'm going to have to go shopping; we can't live on air.
Apparently my sons job is seen as essential so he's just come back from uni, living in a shared house, and straight back to work this morning.
He hasn't been to see me though :-( He's worried about making me ill. So is my other son.

I put their lunches in the porch and they picked them up and left mothers day gifts.

My daughter is in isolation. Her friend has tested positive and she was with him last weekend so she has to work from home.
Next time somebody does it Sam, cough and splutter all over them, they'll soon move!
/// All this waffle from Johnson about 'advice' is just not good enough - the government needs to get a grip and instruct us ///

He's moving that way (see below) at last, but unless he gets a move on people might begin to suspect that he's introducing by stealth the much criticised "Let the old die" policy that his weirdo/misfit adviser Dominic Cummings is so keen on.
03.07 , Spot on again Canary , It's time johnson stopped listening to Cummings, and started thinking for himself , and declare a total lockdown before it's too late.
Gulliver //It's time johnson stopped listening to Cummings,//
He is listening to the scientists and health specialists, not Cummings.
So far the only mistake I can see Prime Minister Johnson making is the naive belief that because we are at war with a viral invader he expects everybody to adopt the Bulldog, Blitz spirit of our forefathers during the 2nd World War.
Sadly he is so wrong and my parents,who lived and worked in London during the Blitz, will be turning in their graves to witness the type of so called humans now inhabit this country.
The Selfish,greedy,Me Me Me,'Pull up the ladder Jack I'm all right 'attitude is a million miles from the selfless,considerate stoical,phlegmatic people of yesteryear who made do and got by.
Look at the moronic cretins invading the parks,beaches,National Parks and seaside amusement arcades yesterday. Totally ignorant and thoughtless. It was too difficult for some teenage youths to understand that their gyms were shut to avoid close contact with others. They were filmed on the ITV news yesterday evening ,in the park, doing pull ups next to each other on the Monkey Bars.Ignorant or what?
How the worms turn in times of trouble and panic sets in like wildfire. Pathetic.
Just before this virus appeared there would be people screaming from the rooftops if a copper admonished someone for dropping litter. 'Fascist,Police State' they would holler. Now whilst filling their pants they scream for methods employed by the Garda Civil and the Chinese National Police in Wuhan. They can't get a real police state quick enough now they see their lives may be jeopardized by the cretins.
Boris Johnson is totally against a nanny state regime and has restricted it. Now he sees the measure of a good few of our worthless,selfish citizens he realises his trust in human nature is not what he thought. The time has come to wield the big stick.
If we are at war then 'Let loose the dogs of War' and let the army round up the moronic cretins who have no thought for others. I doubt they will be wearing kid gloves.

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