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ChillDoubt | 19:06 Sat 21st Mar 2020 | News
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Yesterday I was accused of being a scaremonger on another thread for telling people how they need to behave and react(apparently I don’t work in the NHS, I’m a bin man) in the midst of the current crisis that will get exponentially worse.

Don’t listen to ANYTHING I say but do yourself a favour and listen to Dr Jack......PLEASE.

Stay safe and well in the coming weeks and months.


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We'd be in an even bigger mess without binmen, carry on. :-)
what an utter oad of tripe. How do we know he;s a doctor? seriously I could do a utube video entitled 'Sister Polly tells all the truth behind the scaremongering'. Would that be correct and true?

You've inadvertently completely validated my point I made yesterday.

Dr. jack -do me a favour he might as well be captain jack lol!
My brother is also a binman and feel so sorry for him, exposed to filth every day.

APG makes a good point though.

Personally, my view is that we have all the information we need, we are aware of the selfishness of most people as illustrated by empty shelves in the shops.
But now we need to treat it also with humour, even gallows humour.
Laugh where we can.
Question Author
The purpose of the clip is basically: if you’re planning a sneaky get-together with Mum tomorrow or a crafty party tonight...don’t!

But it’s obvious most won’t listen to it.

Good luck.
Thanks Chill.
chilldoubt I'm wondering if you are really a wind up merchant? Everyone I know is adhering to government and NHS advice on social distancing. I choose to listen to this advice and choose to take everything I read on social media with a good pinch of salt. Basically if I get the virus there is a 75% chance I will die - I am immune supressed with a white bloodcell count regularly at dangerous levels and have to have blood tests every month. I don't need some dodgy doctor or wannabee health expert telling me how serious this virus is. You telling people yesterday the NHS advise was to pull the plug on ventilators after 72 hours was both inaccurate and frankly disgusting. I hope you feel proud of yourself,

keep safe
There are many people who take a 'contrary' stance just for the sake of it, ChillDoubt.

I do, however, find it highly amusing that the veracity of your credentials is being questioned by someone (in this instance, at least) who has claimed many things for themselves in the past... :o)

I'd take your sage advice if I wasn't already sticking to all the guidelines.
Yes Chill, thanks.
It's a serious point and I concur.
JTH yes dear you are one of them. try walking in my shoes for half a day love before you conclude my opinions are just stirring. Some people really do show themselves up.
Conspiracy theories and myths are such fun though aren't they?

I have to go now for a few minutes, to hang garlic around my neck, and revamp my defences.
Question Author
what an utter oad of tripe. How do we know he;s a doctor? seriously I could do a utube video entitled 'Sister Polly tells all the truth behind the scaremongering'
In all honesty, with your level of knowledge and expertise I’m frankly amazed that you haven’t.....but then I noticed your spelling and grammar and realised why.
Happy to deride every piece of information, help and advice afforded to you but will pontificate ad nauseum about how it’s all bunkum.
You poor fool.
I declare that 'nerve well and truly touched'.

I don't have to walk in your shoes, I've simply spent (probably far too much) time reading your nonsense........dear.

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Question Author
You telling people yesterday the NHS advise was to pull the plug on ventilators after 72 hours was both inaccurate and frankly disgusting.
I didn’t say that was the advice, I said it was the criteria that would have to be applied if this escalates as expected, that’s exactly what we were told.
Pay attention.

Why you continue to use this site is beyond me, you know everything, everyone else has basic knowledge at best.
Why not try to be a little more helpful instead of caustic and derisory about advice?
I have just read that a hospital trust manager is" '***ng terrified" ( His words) should our casualties rise as quickly as those in Italy.
Due to the severe lack of ITU beds in the UK he is pondering the cut off point for those who either get a bed or/and a ventilator. He is suggesting that patients between 60 and 65 years can put their heads between their knees and whistle up their Barcelona as far as IT care is concerned. I will look for the link.Quite frankly I am not scared or scaremongering and I also know I am unlikely to be entertained for IT care due to my age and immune system shot as a result of Chemo. A quadruple heart by-pass and cardio vascular disease is a bit of a game changer if I am bugged. :-)
Ladies, please, remember where you are.
JTH no nerve touched at all. Why should there be? you to me are an anonymous contributor whose opinion means absolutely nothing to me . lol! do you think you're that important?
TheLand - Please take your patronising tone to somewhere it would be appreciated....
Chilldoubt Stop being so nasty you are showing yourself up. I am all grown up and can choose who to believe and who not to believe. I'm not advising anyone else not to believe just stating my opinions.
I'm certainly more important than you are.....dear.

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