Reverse The Pension Retirement Age For Women For Income Re Corona Virus

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balloney | 16:09 Sat 21st Mar 2020 | News
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Could the Government reverse the retirement age that they hiked up.
The income could help many women in this stressful time ?


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Unsure there's a valid connection, but if you get the government to act reasonably maybe get them to pay me mine too, preferably backdated to the date I left the rat race and let younger folk have a chance of a job.
they are encouraging the over 60s nurses and doctors to trun out for coronavirus
even tho every knows they are in the more risky cohorts

in the unlikely event they reinstitute ventilation teams - the tech is the ventilator like Stockholm 1956 - I thought I would turn out cos I did it for ten or twenty years ( yes really)
Would those who are still working -say a 61 year old woman- get it too under your suggestion? Wouldn't they have to reduce it to the same age for men too to be fair to men?
Perhaps they could give me some too. I paid extra via serps and another government scheme during my working life to boost my state pension. I now get less than people who retire today as my penson remains under the old scheme and the extra contributions get a very small % increase which is not protected. Perhaps I should claim all those extra contributions back.
I'd far rather the govt gave any extra cash to the millions of working people who face utter devastation because their workplaces are shutting in this stressful time.
Yes, Prudie. From being needed by several schools every day for years and having lots of advance bookings my diary is completely empty now and I'm not expecting any calls to work until September. So no work no pay. (Unless this 80 % of earnings (based on Feb's earnings) thing kicks in, but I can't see it ). Well I was planning on winding down my workloads- but not to this extent!
Me too Prudie.
Corona kills far more men than women. We should retire earlier and birds later.
// I paid extra via serps and another government scheme during my working life to boost my state pension.//

as a govt employee I was forcibly contracted out of serps
so I get even less- quite a lot less

however look on the bright side - we are getting an income when half the country isnt
they could but they shouldn't.
I cannot see any chance of that happening. Regardless of whatever date were chosen, there would be challenges in the courts from those missing out.
Having missed out being a WASPI woman I am now due to get my pension in May - but today have been laid off work due to the small private care home I work in being closed. No idea whether I will be eligible for the 80% of my wages and if so will this stop when my pension kicks in? I had been hoping to carry on working for a few more years yet to try to accrue a bit of cash for when I did retire but looks like that might have already happened now.

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Reverse The Pension Retirement Age For Women For Income Re Corona Virus

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