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Trump seems to have no 'embarrasment gland'; he opens his mouth and seems to be impressed by what he hears issuing forth even though much of it has bypassed the 'reasoning' areas present in a normal human brain. When his more bizarre pronouncements are deconstructed into the illogical, childish and petulant rhetoric they so obviously are, I think it is...
13:07 Sat 21st Mar 2020
He's a joke.
President Mitty.
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Surely no right thinking person can defend that?
The man is a buffoon.
(....and yes, I know he's an asute businessman...yada yada yada. Well, actually, I don't believe that at all but it is the rallying cry of his fan-girls and -boys).
Especially the 'I knew before anybody' stuff.

A serial liar with a side of imbecility.
Bufoon , first class.

I've seen that timeline before, but this presentation is better.

There will be some who denounce this as 'yet another attack on Trump', but it looks like a man who interprets news in a way that will resonate best with his core demographic.

It would be interesting to hear what any Trump advocates think about this - beyond 'this is a typical liberal attack' (yada yada yada).

What is it that they see here?
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They seem to be staying remarkably silent
Perhaps the 'Trumpettes and Trumpers are still in their beds?
He says what the scientists are saying is 100% correct, then disagrees with them? Remember the spoof 'The President's Brain Is Missing'? The follow up should be, 'The President's Brain Is Misfiring'.
And to think that people actually voted for him. Gawd help em.
My browser doesn’t support that so I’ve no idea what it’s about. That said, you know he says some daft things so what’s new? It keeps you busy.
What do you say to Americans who are watching you and are scared ?

' I'd say that you are a terrible reporter ...'

Well that should reassure the American people .

What a response - I'm truly astounded
the Trump administration had their warning in plenty of time and presumably failed to digest it......
It's not about the daft things he says. It's about how he's responding -- or, more to the point, how he *wasn't* -- to a major health crisis.
Locusts is the right word!
//A poll released Friday shows President Donald Trump’s approval for his handling of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak is on the rise.

In the figures reported by ABC, a full 55 percent of Americans approve of the president’s management of the crisis, against 43 percent who disapprove.

Trump’s approval on this issue is up from last week, when the numbers were nearly reversed. Only 43 percent approved of Trump’s handling of the pandemic and 54 percent disapproved in last week’s poll.

The poll conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News, using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, asked Americans about the disruption to their daily lives amid more urgent efforts to contain the spread of the global pandemic, Trump’s response, and their concerns over contracting the virus.

Critically, as more people express concern for the viral disease, so too do more people approve of the work the Trump administration is undertaking to handle the crisis in public health.
Anxiety over the coronavirus is widespread, according to the poll, with 79 percent of Americans saying they are concerned that they or someone they know will be infected, which is a significant uptick from last week when 66 percent said the same.

Among Democrats, 87 percent are concerned about getting coronavirus, including 37 percent who are very concerned. Republicans remain the least concerned among the ideological groups, with 66 percent saying they are concerned, including 23 percent who are very concerned.

Only 12 percent of Democrats and 34 percent of Republicans are not concerned.

Overall attitudes towards Trump’s handling of the crisis also strongly breaks along partisan party lines.

In a split from Democrats’ overall attitudes, even from last week, 30 percent of Democrats approve, which is about double the number from last week’s poll, and 69 percent disapprove, down from 86 percent. Meanwhile, an overwhelming 92 percent of Republicans approve, up from 86 percent last week. Only 8 percent disapprove, compared to 11 percent in last week’s poll. //

Ohh Dear. Trump being popular is a bigger disaster, than the disaster, for the luvvies everywhere. Haha. :))
Here's hoping that Trump's administration gets on top of this, but that doesn't change the fact that for a long time he was playing it down in the extreme, and, perhaps unintentionally, was regularly getting things wrong. Calling it the "corona flu", for example, or suggesting that everybody in the US would be able to get a test, when that still isn't quite true.

The measure of his success in dealing with this can't be taken yet anyway. Public opinion will quickly shift if this spirals out of control. Invoking the Defense Production Act, declaring a National Emergency, etc, are all welcome steps to help ensure that it does not.
I just hope to goodness the election in November won’t need to be postponed.
If the crisis is still at or near peak by then it will have to be. I'd far rather see Trump in office for a few more months than risk the health of millions.
//Public opinion will quickly shift if this spirals out of control.//

You can carry on hoping. You’ve been saying that about practically everything since he was elected.
To paraphrase the title of an Agatha Christie novel … ‘Why didn’t they ask Jim?’

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