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lankeela | 23:39 Tue 17th Mar 2020 | News
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Having had the tv on all day for the latest I keep hearing the trial of Alex Salmond being reported - every time I hear him saying how he only cuddled someone on the bed it makes me cringe.


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I don't think we should be discussing an on-going trial here - sub judice and all that
He's quite lucky this virus came when it did, isn't he.
Nonsense, Brainiac.
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Reported on national TV so can't see what difference it makes.
Indeed. Information that has already been made public at the trial can be discussed. Only matters unknown t the jury, or anything else which may jeopardise the trial are off-limits.
You'd think any relief from Storm Covid would be a blessing, and yet..
Whoon earth would sit on a bed with Alex Salmond - and whyĺ
I can't believe I'm saying this Lankeela but I'd rather another COVID thread than this. Gags!
I cringe too, lankeela.
Definitely not Mills & Boon.
Don’t know anything about this at all, but, everybody needs a cuddle now and then.
Whatever the result of the trial, Alex Salmond has been exposed as an obnoxious sleazeball.
Either that or his aftershave is very very expensive.
i wonder what his wife thinks of it all.
I was at Uni with him - he graduated the same day as I did. Originally he was a very left-wing socialist and then switched to socialism when Thatcher came up to the Uni when she was M. of Education and pushed Michael Forsyth into action to boot out the left wing on the Uni parliament - they had voted 9-1 for coming out of EEC for the first referendum and polling in the students showed that they wanted to stay in at 7-1. Following the overthrow in the parliament and towards what one would describe as more centrist, I was part of a coup in the Union that booted out the NUS. It was after this revolution that Salmond made the switch, so I guess we have Maggie to blame for his SNP positioning - as to being some form of beast, if proven guilty, there was no sign of that trait back then.

Just one reminder, Scotland has 3 verdicts to call on - in the obvious two and then 'Not Proven' - it could go that way.
can't understand anyone who goes into his bedroom
as one woman supposedly did...
I think people are being a little unfair about Mr Salmond's perceived physical shortcomings.

We all get the face and body we are given, notwithstanding six figures to have either or both surgically altered.

He may be utterly charming, as he clearly believes he is, but whatever, he cannot help not having been sprayed with evolution's aftershave.
His mother loves him.
david small - // His mother loves him. //

That's part of being a mother, or indeed a father.

I remember when world-famous model Twiggy presented her new baby to the media and one thoughtless correspondent inferred that the baby was not as beautiful as would be expected given his mother's faultless features.

She (verbally) tore him a new one, as he richly deserved!!

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