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Khandro | 10:52 Wed 11th Mar 2020 | News
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Now at an astonishing 109,000 plus
showing just how high public feeling is. Sad that vetuste isn't with us, this was one of his strongest modern-day societal concerns.
I have just signed it too, btw.


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Signed it Monday. The same gits who covered it up and facilitated it in the first place, are now trying to hide their complicity behind a protective wall of diversity. We need to hunt them down and hound them out of office. Perhaps the "officials and police officers" were themselves "involved" and are naturally trying to hush it up again. We owe our names to this...
21:04 Wed 11th Mar 2020
Khandro, What good would it actually do, other than run the risk of stirring up racial hatred?.
Danny, the fear of creating racial tension was the reason these crimes were so shamefully ignored for so long. Would you rather such atrocities continue to be ignored?
Of course not Naomi.There have been numerous prosecutions of these animals where their ethnicity was published.I just think that publishing this report will lead to a possible reaction against innocent people.
Alternatively, forewarned is forearmed.
And if it did, danny, those innocent people need to look to their own for explanation - which is something they seem reluctant to do.
The reason you think that Danny is because it's happened in the past. So why would you expect it to be different.

"the fear of creating racial tension was the reason these crimes were so shamefully ignored for so long."

That's nonsense.
Question Author
Danny; //What good would it actually do, other than run the risk of stirring up racial hatred?.//

Any group of people whose distorted view of their religion & ethnicity lead them to believe that young white British girls 'deserve' to be abused in this manner & on this scale, should be identified for what they are.
If their religion leads them mistakenly to be believe that they have immunity, then it is for the leaders of their community to speak up against them, but so far none has seemed to be forthcoming.
Just because individuals or sub cultures believe that Khandro doesn't mean you can apply it to the whole religion.

Some white people are part of the KKK but you don't categorise all white people as being part of the KKK or even potentially being part of it?

It's not their religion that makes them think anything it's their sadistic minds.
TD, it is not nonsense. That and the fear of accusations of racism were the reasons these crimes were ignored for years.
Naomi // these crimes were ignored for years//
But they aren't ignored now.
Naomi, the police aren't concerned what people look like or where they come from. They're concerned about facts, evidence and stopping crime.
Maybe you should know that there is no simple link between race and child sexual exploitation, and across the UK the greatest numbers of perpetrators of CSE [child sexual exploitation] are white men.
So to target solely Muslim men, when they're not the greatest issue, would be racist.
Or do you not care about white men exploiting children is it only men who appear or claim to be Muslim that you object to?

Seems a very odd and warped perception.
Danny, //But they aren't ignored now. //

I didn’t suggest they are. Please don’t misquote me.

Naomi, How did I misquote you ? I just pointed out that times have changed.
Danny didn't misquote you, Naomi.
I didn't suggest they hadn't, danny.
Naomi you just linked me to the article that I linked to you.

Take a second to think and you may not seem so jumped up.
TD is just trying to 'get a rise' out of us. No-one is really stupid enough to believe the guff he spouts.

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