Adventurous Young Men Or Economic Migrants?

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Khandro | 17:44 Sun 08th Mar 2020 | News
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Either way, the Greeks have had enough & will not yield;


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Can't say that I blame them.
...the Greeks, that is.
Both ?

One can sympathise with displaced people, but it doesn't give them a free pass to wherever they want. Countries have to have secure borders or there's no way to manage and improve them.

One can't continue to take excess population for elsewhere, genuine sanctuary seekers need to set up camp as near as possible to their homeland. Other further away countries should offer financial and other help to those countries obliged to temporarily accept asylum seeking neighbours.
Well, they could be a mix.
Poor Greece.
Avaricious, entitled marauders.
they will be heading here soon don't you worry......
As they are by far young men I would suggest economic migrants. The real problem is that groups like ISIS use this sort of thing to penetrate the West.

And who knows who is who?

The Bubbles are correct to stop them. other EU countries should help.
but they won't step in will they, the EU seems to be a toothless tiger..

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Adventurous Young Men Or Economic Migrants?

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