Cops Now Check Your Thinking

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Khandro | 00:07 Sat 07th Mar 2020 | News
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Catching armed hooligans is a dangerous occupation, chasing 'thought crimes' would seem to be an easier option. Recently Cressida Dick, head of Metropolitan police, claimed she was "proud" to have 300 officers involved in apprehending 'hate criminals'. Does this help you sleep happier in you beds?


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Togo @ 08.07

"I think you will find that during the week, when Ed and other grown ups are on duty, more common sense is shown"

Togo, there is more vindictiveness shown to some users, myself included. But you seem to imply that some moderators have less sense than others. Or more devilment than others. I don't believe in moderators. Censorship shows arrogance and self-importance, in my opinion and some moderators will delete replies on this site just because they disagree with them. No other reason. Not quite the kind of moderation that is required, in my opinion. And why I now rarely use AB, when previously, I would use it every day.
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10CS ; I sometimes wonder who is the youngest poster on AB . I doubt there are many under the age of 25 (most over 50) so who is being protected & from what?
I think some of the mods would be more at home on a parish magazine instead of 2020 social media.
[i] Awaits too, deletion [/i]
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Hymie; As it's my thread I needn't apologise for deviation I guess.

I just received out of the blue, an online invitation from Chessworld for a game with a certain 'Kingcrusher' who it claims is a British Regional Master.
Was that at your initiation and/or are you in fact Kingcrusher?
No, I’m not Kingcrusher – there is someone on youtube called ‘Kingscrusher’ – it may be him who claims to be a FIDE Candidate Master (requiring a rating of at least 2200), the best I got to was around 2100 - and so he is a stronger player than me.

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Cops Now Check Your Thinking

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