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Khandro | 18:19 Mon 24th Feb 2020 | News
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“I've done lots of things... playing football... going to football with my kids.”

What Sir Keir Starmer told LBC when asked for the most exciting thing he had done that would prove he was not boring


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Looks like he scored an own goal there.
Well , soccer is exciting for some people
Typical politician caught wrong-footed with a left-field question.

Much like Mrs May running through a corn field, the little tinker!!
surely he's run through wheat fields!
I'm equally sure he's never indulged in sex with a pig's head or trashed a restaurant, both essential when seeking high office in the newly unshackled UK.

Worra looza eh?
I've never seen or heard the man but from what I have read he seems uninspiring. I think that RLB has it in the bag, for which Boris will be very grateful.
Keir Starmer has it in the bag.
Have you not being paying attention? :-)
Wrong-Daily has Momentum,.....and the right on mob crave a woman leader, I think she's a shoe in ich.
Keir says only what he thinks the public wants to hear. A labour member who said he was endorsing him for Labour leadership stated as much on LBC on the Nigel Farage show. He stated( Labour member) that Keir Starmer wasn't really against restrictions on freedom of movement but had a leadership election to win against RLD so he said he was. Nigel Farage immediately said,"Well he is lying then and you are supporting his bid for leadership!"
Answer: "Well yes. I suppose so" With supporters like that who are your enemies?
Wonder if idiots laugh at their own jokes.
In fairness I can see where Keir Starmer is coming from on this. He can't afford to trash the previous 5 years: that would be divisive and would not get him elected party leader.
The leadership contest is courting the votes of labour members, not the great and the good of Answerbank.
Once he IS leader, that is when things need to start happening.
do idiots laugh at their own jokes? well why not, they applaud their own disastrous speeches....
"Wrong-Daily has Momentum,.....and the right on mob crave a woman leader, I think she's a shoe in ich. "

For the zillionth time, Momentum is at best 10% of the members, and even then they can't ALL be RLB clones.

And it's "shoo-in" not "shoe-in"
I come in peace :-)
ok well good luck
To be fair, it's a pretty stupid question.
He should have put his questioner on the spot with the response,"Talking to you". The questioner could hardly say,"That's boring".
Obviously his children are exciting for him. What's wrong with that? Any decent person with children would say the same thing wouldn't they? Wouldn't you?
Nick's a wag isn't he?

//Mr Ferrari then said: 'Have you ever thrown yourself out of an aircraft in a parachute jump? Have you ever bungee jumped? Have you ever stared into the eye of a tiger?

'I am trying to help you here!"//

Less of an interview more a gentle mocking then.
Why do interviewers feel the need to ask such inane questions.

And who cares if Starmer is boring, the question is can he do the job he is applying for.

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