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I realise one should not laugh at the afflicted but she was always good for a laugh when she excelled herself in her TV interviews. I will miss that.
11:37 Sun 23rd Feb 2020
Well she won't have Corbyn to protect her, so probably a good move on her part.
I realise one should not laugh at the afflicted but she was always good for a laugh when she excelled herself in her TV interviews. I will miss that.
what a shame, i'll miss that blank look on her face when she's asked a question by an interviewer ...
Wise move ms. Abbott, either way you are out of the cabinet. ( long overdue )
Hardly a great loss to the country.
Awww she was the gift that kept on giving to Boris , shame :0/
... and I'll miss that slow supercilious way she talks, with her eyes shut a lot of the time
Quite touching really. Perhaps she and her Ex plan another motorcycle tour of their Utopian dream. Venezuala perhaps. They could write a book. The Motorcycle Disasters.
I fear she may have mental-health issues, she was always a bit daft when she appeared with M. Portillo & Andrew Neil, but I think she has got progressively worse & it's time for her to leave politics altogether. I can't imagine anyone voting for her as their MP.
I suspect she has a health problem. Her speech is very slow and deliberate now. Plus we had the incident of the two left shoes. Her son isn’t helping her either.
she has got back in time and again as a constituency MP, though i couldn't say why. Time for her to retire.
I don’t agree with Diana Abbott on a lot of issues but I hope for her sake she does take a back seat from shadow cabinet politics.
She’s had to undergo horrendous online abuse over the years. And anyone who can take up the piano in middle age and get to the standard she did in such a short time gets my respect and admiration. Probably one of many in the wrong career.
I don't think anyone, including Ms. Abbott, is going to pretend that her future in a Labour Shadow Cabinet not run by Jeremy Corbyn is anything other than finished.

She is taking the graceful approach - inferring that the new leader will want to build their own team, while tactfully leaving out the obvious point that any new leader will not want the taint of Jeremy's right-hand-person hanging around as a silent reminder of just how catastrophic a leader he turned out to be.
Mental health problems, I think her brain cell is severely fatigued.
She was only ever there because of Corbyn.
The abuse was unfortunate, though she chose a public life and, in many cases, could be said to have brought it on herself - occupational hazard. I think a lot of politicians would wish they had here 30,000+ majority, though!

A shoe-in for the Lords when she's had enough of Hackney and Islington.
I'd have to agree that Ms. Abbott will be crossing to the other place in due course.

She may be an excellent constituency MP - her massive majority would support that view, but as a shadow minister, on television, radio, and in papers, she is an unmitigated disaster.

She possesses not one iota of the intelligence needed to absorb and interpret complex information quickly, and she very obviously lacks the mental agility to get into the ring with seasoned political interviewers, who make her look foolish on a daily basis.

Time to go.
// A shoe-in for the Lords ..//

More evidence, if we needed it, that it's time to get rid of them.
.. but not to worry, I'm sure that's on president Cummings to do list.

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