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It is very much in the public interest ... but the powers that be consider it best the public don't know.
The most recent trial (Huddersfield) involved two children abused from the ages of 13/14 - one had been raped by 300 different men by the time she was 15. Pakistani rapists again, of course.
But a tiny minority of abusers, we're told time and time and time again.
Tommy Robinson has a lot to answer for this.
appalling case..
The scum of the Earth.
Agree with you there Boaty. 100 per cent.
Zacs //Tommy Robinson has a lot to answer for this.//

Are you being ironic - I hope so
i was wondering that..^^
//It has, however, said it will soon publish a national strategy that will set out a “whole system response to all forms of child sexual abuse//
Ever feel like you're being patted on the head and told to move along?

The public need to know everything available about these dead-eyed perverts and their enablers to at least try and prevent more rape by devout family men.

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