His Love Affair With The Eu Hits The Rocks

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Khandro | 15:46 Fri 21st Feb 2020 | News
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'Varadkar’s fury at EU over budget;
A day after his resignation, Leo Varadkar has protested against an EU plan for Ireland to become a net contributor to the 2021-27 EU budget. “The proposal on the table is one we can't accept,” he said in Brussels this morning. “On that basis I don't think we'll have agreement today". The EU is discussing how to fill a £50bn hole in the budget left by Brexit: Varadkar is now serving on an interim basis. The UK is the second-largest net contributor to the EU after Germany./'

With leaders of several other EU countries whining, is this the start of the unravelling of this Brussels monstrosity?


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the start of the unravelling of this Brussels monstrosity? let's hope so
giant ponzi scheme.
Oh dear, how sad, what a pity, never mind. He should have thought about that before trying to screw the UK during the Brexit negotiations.
Veruka said

“I met with President Michel and President von der Leyen last night and the proposal on the table is one we can’t accept. Essentially it means Ireland will contribute much more to the EU budget but will actually receive less back in terms of payments to Irish farmers and also funds for regional development and social development."

No shyite sherlock......just like Britain has been doing for 40 years you mean matey? When you have done so, and stumped up without complaint for as long as Britain did, come back for a deal and we will insult you as well. Long way to the EUSSR when all your trade has to go around the Scilly Isles or across the top of Scotland. Like all socialist the system only works for them when they are getting more out than they put in. Thieves all.
Just been looking back at some of the statements made by Veruka and can't help but reflect on this from Brexit Day 31/01/2020.

//Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) has marked Brexit Day with an impassioned opinion piece in the Irish Times. As Brexiteers in Britain - and parts of Northern Ireland - celebrate, Mr Varadkar reasserted his country’s loyalty to the EU. He praised EU leaders for ensuring Ireland was not forgotten about during the last three-and-a-half years of negotiations between the UK and EU. He wrote: “As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, I am struck by the fact that over the past few years we have seen again the power of an abiding friendship in action.
“A friendship that brought peace, reconciliation and prosperity to Europe has protected the peace in Ireland as we went through this first difficult phase of Brexit. Today we say thank you to our fellow Europeans.
“Over the past 2-and-a-half years, I have travelled across Europe, meeting fellow heads of state and government to discuss Brexit and the challenges it brought to the island of Ireland.
“I will never forget the reaction of the people I met: those who inquired about the progress of Brexit and wondered what it would mean for my country; those who worried about peace on the island of Ireland; the kindness of those who shared our concern and wished us well.” Mr Varadkar added the next priority should be to agree on the future relationship between the UK and the EU as it will affect Ireland.

He wrote: “When Europe acts as one, it is a truly powerful force for good in the world. United we stand but divided we fall.
“The unity that we’ve seen in the last few years should guide us in the future, because it confirms how Europe can achieve its objectives when we’re united. I believe this is something we can and should take forward into future negotiations on other issues.//

Oh dear.....didn't take long did it. The only reason there are no snakes in Ireland is because they couldn't compete with the politicians there.
He’s a hypocrite, liar, and tried to sell his mother.
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can someone delete that last post please.
When the Bombay Potato realises he wasn't a big player after all, just a little pawn.

\\Leo Varadkar criticised European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for offering Ireland a bad proposal that saw the country contributing a lot of the EU budget without getting much back//

welome to the club Leo, well not now.
Schadenfeude doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.
^ Does 'schadenfreude'? Oh me oh my. :-)
A feudean slip.
Why do I feel immensely satisfied with this bit of news? Got it! The veil has fallen from his eyes - nicely timed. :)
took him long enough to wake up and smell the coffee.

I wonder how many countries will be making up the EU in 10 - 15 years time?
Silly little-brained man. Took him too long to comprehend why we acted as we did.
An agreement won’t be reached.... until there are no vetoes left lol
Question Author
As most of us thought then, we got out just in time.
Veruka no doubt imagined that if he did his bit to derail Brexit by vastly exaggerating the threat posed to the Good Friday Agreement, Brussels would one day reward him handsomely. What happened?? The Irish kicked him out, and the EU now treats him like the, no longer useful, lapdog that he was. We are going to need a smaller violin.

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His Love Affair With The Eu Hits The Rocks

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