Plymouth Rock Vandalised.

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Khandro | 17:12 Tue 18th Feb 2020 | News
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Something else to get worked up about I know, but isn't sickening? By contrast we are watching BBC 2's Michael Portillo's Rail Journeys in the Far East each evening & the one thing so noticeable wherever he goes in rich or poor areas, is how clean and everything is; no graffiti or litter, why is this?


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Graffiti seems to be encouraged these days; maybe it's a woke thing or something. So what can we expect ? Society deteriorating: wonder which "civilisation" will take over next.
19:55 Tue 18th Feb 2020
Mamyalynne, How much more pleasant this place would be if we could depend upon your discerning eye when one member here tells every other member on practically a daily basis that they're idiots. Ah well....a normal day on AB.
I assumed most people had a keyboard.
the Pilgrim Fathers didn't land there, so it's just another lump of stone
a lump of stone which was around to watch the Atlantic Ocean form,

from the link, a most enjoyable read, thank you jno :-)
sometimes I feel that old myself, alba
Some street art on a gable end of an old warehouse is one thing but wilful defacing of such places is totally wrong.
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jno;//the Pilgrim Fathers didn't land there, so it's just another lump of stone//

The battle of the Somme didn't take place in Whitehall, but that's where the cenotaph is.
The Pilgrim fathers also didn't sail from the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth. Rather, it was from a location that is under the ladies loo in a nearby pub...
I guess its arguable that carving the stone in the first place was graffitti
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^^ interesting point, but no.
why not?
"Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually as a form of artistic expression, without permission and within public view."
and again I ask?
Woofgang I'd say it is graffiti.

If I went to stone henge and carved my name and date into it that would be considered graffiti.

Same if I went to the local town and carved my name into a paving slab that would also be considered graffiti.

Obviously when the pilgrims landed this was monumental and to mark that and where and when, they carved the stone? That would be Graffiti. If someone carved it later with permission or even by request, then it would not be graffiti.
If Banksey did some grafitti on the side of my house then I would not consider it graffiti, but instead my retirement fund.
words fail me, but I did see this in Bethlehem, everywhere was graffitti
no doubt, Khandro, but Plymouth Rock isn't supposed to be a memorial to something that happened elsewhere, it's supposed to be the actual site.

But early visitors to the site were invited to chop off chunks for themselves
September this year marks the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth. It might be someone trying to gain publicity for some cause in the light of that. Besides, there is no proof that Plymouth Rock was the first place that the founding fathers set foot in America. It's just an educated guess.
Clarion, they landed at what is now Provincetown, on Cape Cod. They tried a couple of other places before they got to Plymouth, as I recall.

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Plymouth Rock Vandalised.

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