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jim, why?
I don't think Eire could afford it.

Personally I'd like a united Ireland but in reality, it won't happen.
Because anything that leads to the break-up of the UK is sad. If it leads to a United Ireland then fair enough but I still would feel sad and/or sorry about it.

It wouldn’t bother me at all, same as if Scotland get their independence, c’est la vie
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There would have to be seperate referenda to see if they want to unite as the south is much bigger than the north and probably another to do with EU membership.
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I bet they both still want our holiday money. :0)
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Re Lawson’s article,
One reason Johnson sacked Julian Smith was because he suddenly realised that the terms of the agreement to kickstart Stormont included - shock horror - plans to hold UK service people accountable for their actions during the Troubles.
In other words he wasn’t paying attention - in the same way he simply doesn’t understand the implications of his deal with the EU.
I don’t think Johnson “secretly” wants anything: it’s just that he’ll blunder along doing anything to get his way.
My Belfast born wife is totally against it, whereas I think that as long as it is done democratically it would be better to reunite them.
People in England SHOULD care about this: N Ireland in particular would be fine as part of an outward looking European Ireland.
What I’d ibjrctinabje about it from my point of view is I’d prefer to see a strong United Kingdom.
Brexit as I’ve said before is largely a reaction against a perception that England has been left behind. It’ll lead to the break up of the UK as things stand though
If it’s a democratic vote to leave then why hold onto something that doesn’t want to be part of us ?
On the other hand if it’s a vote to stay, well jolly good, well get on as we always have
* we’ll *
Question Author
There has been a century of trouble, violence, much bloodshed & loss of life both there & on the mainland, for what?
Everyone seems to hate one another. Look at the map, one day it is inevitable.
Sorry? You bet I would. Much as I would love for Ireland never to have been divided there is no way I'd want the north to join us now.
As much as NI is a pain in the rissole, if we abandoned it, it would cause a civil war on the Island and I would not want that.
Anyone who thinks there would be unification without a lot of bloodshed needs their bumps felt. There are diehards on both sides of the border who would do all they could to prevent it happening.

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