Power-Mad And Dangerous.

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diddlydo | 11:03 Fri 14th Feb 2020 | News
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Those of you who voted in our PM, please read this and be worried - be very worried.


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ah diddly's back!
Left wing anti British "newspaper" sl46s off Tory PM! Shocker!
We didn't vote for the PM. We voted for the party. The party votes for the PM.
i am not worried, or at least not about this, there are bigger problems in my life than your post...
Not worried still blissfully happy with our PM, he doesn’t support rapists, murderers ( Jamaican ) nor terrorist
What’s not to like? Rock on Boris
Oh and welcome back from the holiday Diddly
Worried about what? High time someone had the guts to take control and do something positive for a change. Good for him.
If it were positive, Johnson would have had the decency to sack Javid directly, not make him an offer he couldn't accept.
who knows what went on before, heated arguments, not in agreement over fiscal policies....
No one can be sure they thought Javid would resign: they may well have thought he’d agree.
It doesn’t look good when your chancellor resigns.
But Cummings could be encouraging Johnson by telling him he’s powerful enough to stand up to the treasury. I doubt if he’d care if the chancellor resigned.
They may and probably will come to regret it tho.
Johnson is in his “apogee” phase at the moment, even flying ludicrous ideas like the “bridge to Scotland”.

It won’t get any better than this
For the hard of thinking, Javid was not sacked, he flounced.
i am not sure he flounced, more showing a large amount of loyalty to his team.
Question Author
And all you Brexiteers who kept banging on about democracy.......we're heading for an autocracy where Boris rules.
That is the view of just one man, the editor, perhaps you could elucidate on what we should actually be worried about. By the way elucidate is nothing to do with arranging an e date with Lucy.
What else would the Guardian say - they can put negative spin on anything....
diddly, all this drama you insist on creating can't be good for your blood pressure. Cheer up. It could have been far worse. Jeremy might have won. ;o)
//ah diddly's back!//

Wonder if the "other one" will post on this thread?

Go Boris. When you have sorted out the Ministerial Team, make a start on the civil service wonks(nothing civil about the creeps) and drain that anti British swamp.
//..we're heading for an autocracy where Boris rules.//

Oooh goody...just like Russia, who the lefties so admire, or Cuba, or any communist country you care to name...........and the EUSSR of course.
I've got no problem with Boris having total control. To many cooks spoil the broth. :0)
It's staggering to see one of the key strengths of democratic government, namely the fact that power is never concentrated into just one or a few individuals, being turned into a perceived weakness.

As for this nonsense about a "swamp" that needs draining, which is ironically the most anti-British sentiment expressed in this thread.
I am a bit wait and see about this one. I'd like to judge by the results.

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Power-Mad And Dangerous.

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