Sajid Javid Has Resigned

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naomi24 | 13:03 Thu 13th Feb 2020 | News
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According to the BBC a few minutes ago, having been told to sack his advisers, he has refused and resigned.

Does anyone know who his advisors are?


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No, don't know. Maybe Cummings wanted them out. PL will be on soon.
Boris takes no prisoners does he?
Quite a shake-up.
Pressure of the job getting to him leading to bad decisions?
The PMs losing it.
With the Sajid's and the Sadiq's I just khant get a grip on what's currently occurring, politically speaking.

All a bit confusing.
Think the PM is losing it (if he ever had it). Not a fan of SJ, but it seems he has some integrity. "Mr Javid rejected an order to fire his team of aides, saying "no self-respecting minister" could accept such a condition."
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Not so, douglas. It seems there have been problems with his advisors for a while now. This from last August.

//Sajid Javid 'voiced anger' to PM over adviser sacking//
budget due in march, someone's going to have to be quick on their feet
It's about the control of the treasury. This has been going on for years and cross party too.
I don't think Boris is great at delegating, he wants his name on everything - Boris buses, Boris bikes, Boris treasury. Even Maggie listened to other people.
Javid has a point, and did so back in August last year, that *his* team is a matter for *him*, rather than the Prime Minister (and, more to the point, rather than Dominic Cummings).

No idea who his team is, and my sympathies for Javid are limited, but he's right that no self-respecting minister could agree to the conditions he was reportedly given.
ymb, I don't think it's cross-party. Blair let Brown set conditions for joining the euro, which prevented Britain doing so though Blair wanted to. Likewise Cameron let Hammond get on with the job, as Maggie did with Howe and Lawson. Doubtless there were disagreements in all these cases but they were settled behind clsoed doors and nobody was driven to flounce.
Maybe so, jno, but just because the war doesn't break out into the public domain doesn't mean that it wasn't going on. I'd agree with ymb -- even if this is also about how Johnson wants to do things, it's just another version of the 10 v. 11 Wars.
like I said there will have been disagreements, but compromises used to be reached without ministers being sufficiently disrespected to walk out.
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//ministers being sufficiently disrespected to walk out. //

We don't know if that's what happened. Perhaps the Prime Minister was disrespected and Javid jumped before he was pushed.
it seems pretty clear what happened:

The Guardian: Sajid Javid has resigned as chancellor after Boris Johnson asked him to sack all of his advisers in a move by No 10 to seize control over the Treasury.

Daily Mail: Sajid RESIGNS after refusing to let Dominic Cummings sack his staff: Javid quits after saying he won't be 'Chancellor in name only' during extraordinary showdown with Boris Johnson

Sky: Sajid Javid has resigned as chancellor after refusing to sack his aides in a stunning row with the prime minister.

You can label a man insisting on doing his job himself as disrespecting Boris if you like, but it sounds more like self-respect to me. Who wants to be a chancellor in name only?
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So he says.
Not only the chancellor but also Julian Smith who brokered the deal in Northern Ireland recently.

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Sajid Javid Has Resigned

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