Holocaust Memorial Plan

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Khandro | 09:04 Wed 12th Feb 2020 | News
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Council's planning committee vote unanimously to reject plan for memorial and learning centre to be built next to Parliament. When considering the size of the Cenotaph, isn't this a good decision?
Westminster Council votes down Holocaust memorial plan


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i am glad they have turned it down, it's way too big for a start and the place it was to be sited isn't appropriate.
Must disagree with you on that emmie,
I think the site is the ideal place for it.
the decision will be taken by the government by the looks of it. I hope they don't go ahead with it, at least not in it;s present form.
The Holocaust didn't occur in the UK, so one wonders why it's debated having a memorial at all. If felt desirable I don't see why any particular site is ideal. The council seems to be sure the suggested one isn't ideal, and they will have more knowledge about their area than I.
knowing the area i still say it's unsuitable.
And the proposed memorial is way too big.
The holocaust happened in a foreign country to non British people and there is an adequate, if horrific, memorial centre in Germany. The council made the right decision.
Perhaps a they should put it outside Labour Party HQ.
Mans inhumanity to man,
Irrespective what nationality they are, this memorial should be for us all to remember it could have been us.
As an addendum to my last post, if one is felt desirable probably best forget putting it in London, but consider the Channel Islands as a possible location ?
There are plenty of examples of man's inhumanity to man throughout the globe. We don't have memorials to them all.
how would people get to see it, it's supposed to be a reminder of man's inhumanity.
I honestly cannot see the objection in principle to a holocaust memorial in Britain.
Not wishing to comment on the rights and wrongs of this particular application.
The idea that only “non-British people” were involved is irrelevant for a crime of this magnitude. It had a global impact on all sorts of ways. And is wrong anyway as there are thousands of British citizens today who had relatives murdered, who may not have been British at the time.
I'm with Old Geezer on this one. Britain has committed many atrocities in its history that have not been memorialised so why should we memorialise something that another country committed.

There are plenty of memorials to the Holocaust, if I want to reflect on the atrocities I can, its not hidden.
Question Author
jordy; I think most people would not want to, nor should, forget what happened 75 years ago, & Britain can be proud that it played a major role in bringing it to an end, but this proposal is completely inappropriate.
Sorry I am maybe been unclear here. I'm not adverse to a memorial as such -just not a huge memorial and learning centre in the middle of London.
Maybe we should construct learning centres for the following
typically, anti British from the Indy (independent? my April!) out of context for almost all those 5, especially the last 2, putting only half the story. Still it's what I expect from the fifth columnists we have in pour midst. Try some balanced research APG you may uncover the full story.
isnt this another example - ignored by everyones fave prez Mr Trump that govts have to obey the law ?

it doesnt obey the planning rules
I wondered how they got to unanimity
that is the principle if there are planning rules then the planning committee have to abide by them

I am surprised someone didnt say - these are too large/ presumable the answer was - but mR j ants it
What an appallingly ugly building. How could anyone want this to stand as a memorial to them. And stuck in the middle of a beautiful park. Horrendous idea. Maybe something smaller and beautiful with the learning centre elsewhere would be the answer - if you're determined to have these things.
totally agree Margaret..
oh unedifying story...I see that Boris has said he will support a National Memorial but not that he will support that national memorial nor that location.

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Holocaust Memorial Plan

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