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retrocop | 19:44 Tue 11th Feb 2020 | News
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Was this a sensible disclosure and in the 'public interest'?
I appreciate that health authorities have to try and track all contacts with this gentleman since he left Singapore but what good does it do him to identify him at this stage of the contagion.
Bearing in mind that members of the Chinese community have been ostracised widely and suddenly become victims of hate crime as a result of Coronavirus should this person be outed?
Unless he consented I would have thought he was entitled to patient confidentiality.


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Possibly. But you know what the media are like. One could try to sue them maybe. Good luck with that.
If people start dying amogst those he infected he will need to watch his back.
It does say he "decided to reveal his identity". So, his choice, I guess.
Although we are becoming litigation experts I would have thought that somewhere along the lines there is a public safety issue to finding his contacts!!
Very unkind to stick that label on him. It's not as if he did it on purpose.
the rules of confidentiality are pretty strict for medical staff - even if they have outed themselves they still have to give permission for a doctor to yak

so I am certain he did it himself and / or gave permission. He looks pretty happy about it

I think it may partially have been to draw the fire from the chinese ethnics - I thought hem hem the returning business man had been asian

I wondered if the raised mortality in China was because of genetic susceptibility

the mortality is meant to rise during an epidemic and this one it has been falling - as one of the 'experts; said on tv today - the virus is running out of people to infect in china
// there is a public safety issue to finding his contacts!!//

I think with the 2 GPs ( infected by the fella at contamines ) the car is out of tha bag
( yeah I know I said that last night).
Well pp I'm really worried as I am so vulnerable at the moment and the nearest suspects are about 200 yards away from me. I'm not allowed out currently because of the DN's coming in to do my dressings but if I was I wouldn't be going out anytime soon.
LB, how are you coping...thinking of you
Probably a good idea to name and picture him to track other potential carriers.

The problem here is the medias name of him - "Super Spreader". No need for that.
I feel quite sorry for the man to have that label tagged on him unwittingly so
Oh LB, stay in, stay safe please
PP I'd like to see an age/immune risk profile for the deaths in China
You are not going to see any true figures coming out of China let alone any breakdown!
ymb. I don't think that China really know any figures
The term 'Super Spreader' is not one made up by the media, apparently. It is used when a person is more likely to infect others compared to a typical infected person.
// PP I'd like to see an age/immune risk profile for the deaths in China//

i havent seen one. it may not exist. we had a week of - the chinese arent lying - it is not in their interests

and now we have a profile of cases which now looks like the outline of a factory with a chimney stack
I don't think it does exist PP....would be interesting though
Question Author
It would appear that the authorities in China,as expected, have been spreading disinformation. The death toll is 80 times the so called official figures. That is nearly 25,500.
Or not. Your link says that numerous 'grabs' have shown differing numbers, retro. Of course, the death toll of 80,000+ could be true. Then again, it may be false. That's what I gleaned from your link. I can't honestly think of a reason why the Chinese would release figures well below the actual number of deaths.

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