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Sicerack //There are 40,000 of these creatures on Jihad watch and it takes 20+ officers to watch one of them.// The idea that in order to protect society (the first duty of any government) we have to have more & more police surveillance of potential Jihadis is misguided 'top-down' thinking. We have to attack the root causes. These attacks have a religious...
09:25 Mon 03rd Feb 2020
Unremarkable these days I'm afraid Bobbs.
Question Author
Sadly ,you’re right shoota, too commonplace, there’s a number of people been stabbed here as well
been watching the rugby...
i hope if it is terror related the police, public don't get hurt.
Question Author
The person responsible has been shot dead by a met policeman Emmie
Hope those stabbed make a full recovery and well done for the taking out of the knife man.
good, if he was a terrorist have no sympathy whatsoever.
Question Author
Me either but for everHone ‘taken out’ there’s another to take their place
Question Author
* everyone *
Dead. Best place for him.
at least they know the policy of the police is likely to be
shoot first.
doubtless there will shortly be a tweet from a bleeding heart liberal along the lines of the police having murdered a man in broad daylight....
Question Author
I think you’re bang on target with that mushroom
too bad, don't carry a knife or gun unless you want to commit suicide.. the armed police aren't there to mess about
Waiting for the statement that he was suffering a mental illness.
How interesting, is this the new trend?

Predicting what responses will come.

Most odd.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Hardly a ‘new trend Mamyalynn, it happens all the time
Nothing new or odd at all. It's called speculating...Think about Brexit and its outcome; think about the Royal Family: think about football games etc, etc.
-- answer removed --
Infantile gulliver.

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Breaking News , Terrorist Related In South London

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