When's Boris' Speech?

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Khandro | 12:48 Fri 31st Jan 2020 | News
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He is reported to be making a speech to night, but it doesn't seem to be listed when & where it can be seen, in fact the main channels all seem to be playing down tonight's big event, I suppose as they are all 'remain' inclined, that's perhaps to be expected.


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BBC bias for a start.
Would it not be shown on news programmes?
"Boris Johnson will address the nation tonight, describing Brexit day as the "dawn of a new era".

The Prime Minister will address the nation to say Brexit marks "not an end but a beginning".

In a symbolic move, Mr Johnson will chair a meeting of his Cabinet in Sunderland, the city which was the first to back Brexit when results were announced after the 2016 referendum.

Number 10 has billed a speech by Boris Johnson as an "address to the nation".

Mr Johnsons speech will be aired in full an hour before the moment the UK leaves the EU."

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I understand that No 10 is making it 'independently' - which is going to be the coming trend- and if any channels want to show it they can do so.

I think this is Cummings' policy for the future, which is going to ruffle a few feathers.
ITV have an extended News at Ten to cover Brexit.
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watched this last night;
Just been on the news that Boris will address the nation just before 11pm tonight.
There are Brexit related programmes on the BBC News channel from 7pm to-night.
10.35pm to 12.15pm on BBC1 News Special with Huw Edwards.
Boris is going to address the nation, and his children ?
Sorry ^^ should read to 11.15pm.
Anne, don't understand, aren't his children part of the nation?
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//Boris is going to address the nation, and his children//
Yes, why shouldn't he? he's the PM & their dad. What is your point?

On his facebook page?
Time to stand up Boris let’s be having you . Glad it’s him and not me explaining this awful mistake .Lets see what he has to say . Could always say it was the people’s choice and I was just caring out their wishes .
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In case you missed it;
Johnson's preferred mode of communication with the public now is Facebook, where we doesn't have to put up with inconveniences like having to answer difficult questions posed by journalists.
And we don't have to have the PC bias and filters.
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Self-important broadcasters haven't yet realised how irrelevant they now are
'I no longer give TV interviews – and I'm amazed any other politicians do either'
On Friday night, broadcasters pompously refused to carry the PM’s address [above] to mark Brexit. So he put it out himself, and it has been as widely viewed as if the BBC had run it live. Which can’t have been pleasant for the BBC.

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When's Boris' Speech?

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