Meghan's Father Vows To See Her In Court

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naomi24 | 10:00 Mon 27th Jan 2020 | News
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//Thomas Markle has vowed to see his daughter Meghan in court after she took legal action against three newspapers - as he claimed she and Harry had "hurt" the Queen by their decision to step back from royal duties.

The Duchess of Sussex's father is the main witness for Associated Newspapers, owner of the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline, in its response to Meghan's legal action over an article featuring parts of a handwritten letter to her father.

"When me and Meghan end up in a courtroom together, it will be quite stunning for everybody."//

He sounds like a man on a mission - and it's leaving a nasty taste even before it's off the ground. Perhaps attention seeking is a family trait.


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i can't help thinking that he is in it for the money, or am i being cynical.
What a nasty individual he is.
I think mental health issues are also a family trait to be honest. His interview the other day was very 'Dianesque' and he, as well as Meghan, is taking passive aggressive behaviour to a whole new level. Maybe Harry's married his mum, or as near as he can get.
If you think he’s bad ......wait for the step sister to enter the ring,
Rednecks after the dollar comes to mind
I really hope nobody takes any notice, the money tree dries up for him and the Sussexes get the privacy they want.
I'll give the 'privacy' 6 months max -Meghan needs publicity I think she feeds on it.
as I said on another thread, I'm no fan of Megan but her old man is a right rissole.
Brought to you by the makers of the Kardashians.

Big mouthed yanks playing to the gallery. Unusual.
Let's face it, he's only going for the photo opportunities. Which, of course, will lead to yet another paid interview; "My Meghan couldn't even look me in the eye (as I tried to shaft her in court)."
Surely he wont be paid to attend Court?

And if anyone on here was publicly accused of being a liar - as he has been, wouldn't you use whatever platform you could to defend yourself?

One person could stop all this - but you can bet your bottom dollar she wont.
ymb//Surely he wont be paid to attend Court?//
No, he will be paid by Associated Press for his story.
Didn't say he'd get paid for his court attendance, but for the inevitable interview which will follow.
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I think the step-sister is pushing the dad.
She reminds me of Arlington.
I thought this case was all about Markle snr allowing the paper to publish parts of a private letter she wrote to him. Nothing to do with anyone telling porkies.
//"When me [sic] and Meghan end up in a courtroom together, it will be quite stunning for everybody."//
He'll burst her balloon.
If you write and send a private letter to someone, surely then it is no longer your letter and the recipient can do whatever they want with it? No?
Oh and they are a PITA, the lot of them, I'm sick to death of all of them.

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Meghan's Father Vows To See Her In Court

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