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SteveD | 10:31 Mon 20th Jan 2020 | News
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When did the Daily Mail remove "For Queen and Commonwealth" from its front page?


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Probably when it acquired a new owner last year.
Maybe when it, un-updated, meant Queen Victoria and they started promoting joining up with Hitler's ambitious program ?
Maybe they’ve been hacked by the Dark Markle and all her works
They don't do much to support Queen or Commonwealth, so perhaps they had a twinge of conscience and quietly dropped it.
Were they shut down during the war, Karl, for supporting Hitler?
According to this, 1968. Then again, is it 1969?

These words lay under the royal arms on the front page of every issue of London’s Daily Mail until late 1968, succeeding the motto ‘For King and Empire’ which adorned the masthead during the Second World War.1
It could be argued that such a statement was an anachronism rather than a credo, much like royal arms and titles which continued to claim France for
centuries after the end of English rule. Yet the updating of the banner to ‘For King and
Commonwealth’ in the early 1950s, and its ultimate removal on the eve of the 1969 Prime Ministers’ Conference, suggested that the phrase was not simply a relic."
Perhaps they no longer wish to be seen as a right-wing tittle-tattle scrapsheet which gives seventeen pages over to utter guff about royal 'intrigue' so its Middle England readership can get all het up and spout opinions about people they wouldn't know if they fell over them.

Hang on ...

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