John Bercow Nominated For Peerage By Jeremy Corbyn

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Khandro | 09:34 Sun 19th Jan 2020 | News
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I have my reply "saved" mozz, I hope you have. It is a precaution I take in case the site randomly goes athwart and loses one. It also gives me a laugh when I recycle it and it goes unnoticed next time. ╰(*°▽°*)╯
as a major home of the fine music known as 'Northern Soul' - I think we qualify as 'Northern'

Sure does, andy. RIP the Torch.
//Only four hours to do the hundred miles from Sneckie to Thurso.//

It's 161 miles by rail from Inverness to Thurso, douglas.

//I count 'up north' as starting north of Birmingham at the very least. //

According to my friends in Caithness, Inverness is "way doon south"!!
I'd rather have Bercow in the Lords than Boris in Number 10.
Togo, are you talking about "--answer removed--"? Sadly I missed it, but I'll be sure to look out for it next time one of us throws a tantrum at the other!
I believe he’s also nominated that scumbag Tom Watson for a peerage.How low will Corbyn stoop.
You're right as usual NJ, I hadn't realised that the railway took such a meandering route with as many stops along the way.
I was going by the road signs I see on my weekly trips to the Highland capital and past trips to the north.

I'll not be troubling Scotrail for a seat.
22.43 , Agree with Diddly.
// I'm sure Corbyn's motive is mischievous rather than to uphold a tradition. //

Childish political games, or perhaps he'd prefer to see it as an act of 'resistance'.

They should all be elected anyway, so we'd see less of this cronyism.
Corbyn, leader of the 'resistance' against elitism - devoid of principle as usual.
No Naomi - just upholding tradition. I thought you'd approve of that.
Diddly, it is not tradition to nominate someone from an opposing political party.Corbyn is just mischief making.
diddly, I approve of principle - something that Corbyn - and his supporters - clearly have no conception of.
Or integrity!!
^That too, Retrocop.
I think anyone with an unbiased view can only see Mr Corbyn's nomination as simple provocation and mischief.

A serious nomination to a body that Mr Corbyn vocally and frequently holds in contempt, and no doubt listed as headed for oblivion on his election to leadership (chortle!), cannot do anything for his reputation as a principled and commited Socialist.
Question Author
^ should read; 'cannot do anything for his reputation as an unprincipled and committed communist.'
Khandro - // ^ should read; 'cannot do anything for his reputation as an unprincipled and committed communist.' //

No, it should read as it was posted, thank you.

If you wish to argue, by all means post your view, but please refrain from altering mine to reflect your own view.

If I wish to amend my post, I will do so - I do not appreciate you thinking you can do it for me.

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John Bercow Nominated For Peerage By Jeremy Corbyn

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