Wokeness, Is It On The Backfoot?

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Khandro | 08:48 Sat 18th Jan 2020 | News
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Could the 2020s see an upsurge of full-scale rebellion against stultifying wokeness?


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I confess that i don;t know what your post means.
Not sure what it is :-(
Just googled it. Socially aware I guess.
Why on the back foot?
It’s obvious from Gervais’s shaming of the ‘great and the good’ at the Golden Globes that it’s a fallacy.
The fact that over half of them STILL didn’t understand that he was having a dig at them proves it.
If it’s not #MeToo it doesn’t really register.
Hopefully it may be and not before time. I think the post yesterday about Laurence Fox on QT, where he actually got audience support, was a small step in the right direction. I think thoughtfulness and consideration for others should become our new guiding principle. Of course, if you shut down Twitter it would disappear a lot quicker!
Question Author
Jordan Peterson threw down the gauntlet, followed (& supported) by the sainted Douglas Murray, Rod Liddle & more. As Chilldoubt says, Ricky Gervaise socked it to 'em in Hollywood, - though I don't agree they didn't understand.

I didn't see QT on Thursday, but watched a clip of Laurence Fox, which was excellent, receiving great applause, so the mood is there.
It seems to me the pendulum has started to swing back.
It’s one thing being aware of social and racial injustices. It’s quite another to consciously go looking for them and then use them to try and make yourself look oh so cool.
No idea. Perhaps when those afflicted have woken up to how daft it all is ?
According to the article I saw, wasn't Fox merely dismissing the inappropriate 'playing of the race card' ? And then found his Union were afflicted and spoke out against him ?
Question Author
When asked his tip for Labour leader, Fox nominated Sir Keir Starmer, prompting Labour’s Shami Chakrabarti to accuse him of sexism, amid groans from the audience. "Let me rewind,” he rejoined. ”Any of the women then, is that better?"

I heard, in the audience’s reaction, the rumblings of a backlash against the restrictive identity politics which dominates public life and often seeps into our day-to-day interactions.

After being instructed by one Social Justice Warrior on Twitter to ‘educate’ himself with some appropriately enlightened reading material, Fox replied “I’d genuinely rather eat a lightbulb”.

QT panel member Madeline Grant, writing in today's Telegraph
It is no surprise.... the pattern is as old as mankind itself and has been warned about and even explained in a less than challenging intellectual fashion for the easily influenced. Did not the original warning come as "Cast the mote from thine own eye"? A much later rendition being The Boy who cried Wolf. Don't relax we speak the users of such duplicitous tactics know that they are rumbled, and search frantically for another means of getting their own way by sending the rest of us on a guilt trip, or wild goose chase.
There is nothing wrong with being aware of society’s problems, and it is nothing new to talk about them.
What is new is that we have imported a dreadful American word for it - ‘woke’.

I can’t see clever people denying themselves knowledge. When people stop being aware, they have no voice and no legitimacy to complain about thinks they don’t like.
* things the don’t like.
I hope you're right and it is Khandro, it's gone too far. Thanks for the link, well argued.
Get woke, go broke.
Kim Johnson, Liverpools first black MP, selected by being parachuted in by the Wokies, rather than elected by the Constituency Labour Party, when asked why she thought she was the first black MP said it was due to institutional racism.
But she failed to say which institution and what the racist issue was.
Typical of blacks playing the race card.
I think its like kale.....something is presented as the wonder "thing" that will fix all of humanity's ills. After a while the hysteria dies down and its recognised that the whatever it is has its benefits but is not a miracle cure.
After Kale came Kalettes.
Went to get some greenstuff the other day. Lidls - loads of Kale and a few manky broccoli heads - so off to Morrison's and what did I find loads of Kale. Morrisons freezer cabinet also with plentiful Kale. I will not be woke about kale. We hate the stuff as much as I hate the damn word 'woke'. Leave the Kale for the cattle!

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Wokeness, Is It On The Backfoot?

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