Oh Dear! Jeremy Today

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Khandro | 17:56 Wed 15th Jan 2020 | News
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I almost feel sorry for him (not really) do you?

'Jeremy Corbyn now cuts the sorriest figure in Westminster. The crackle has gone out of his cornflakes. The chain is rusty, the tyres are flat, the mechanism can barely move. Like Big Ben itself, this old bell has lost its clapper.

The Labour leader still inspires a vocal greeting at PMQs but it’s the sort of semi-ironic ovation that might greet a fat schoolkid as he completes the 100m in just under two minutes. When Corbyn speaks he recites his questions in a zestless drone. And yet a great opportunity is being missed. Labour’s leadership candidates should take turns to spar with Boris as part of the contest. But no. We’re stuck with a man who wouldn’t even pass an audition to play himself.'

Spectator, today


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Old Steptoe is his own worst enemy,cosying up to terrorist outfits like Hamas and the thugs in the IRA is hardly going to endear himself to the great British public.
NHS, zzzz. I was expecting a 'I have here a message from Jenny from Hackney'.
I watched him doing his bit last week and said then that the sad thing is he thinks he's still important. What a pathetic figure he cuts. Rather than embarrass himself and everyone around him he should have acknowledged defeat and departed.
And took his AB followers with him. ;-)
The Labour party has left him completely Sitting on the front bench was Dawn Butler at PMQT today. Where were Diane Abbott, Emily Thornton, Liz Nandy, Rebecca Long Bailey, Kier Starmer, Richard Burson, Clive Lewis, Yvette Cooper, Angela Rayner, John McDonald, Jess Phillips. All except one of them were missing last week as well. I wonder when they will show their faces again
Several of those don’t exist?
Liz Nandy? Richard Burson? Emily Thornton? John McDonald?
The writing in the Spectator was so much better than that predictable rubbish when Boris Johnson was Editor.

OK Corbyn is a dead man walking, but to prod with a stick, a dying man is cruel and distasteful.
even the usually loyal Grauniad was putting the boot in!

// Worse was to come, when the Labour leader referred back to his party’s manifesto as a path to a brighter future. A manifesto that had been comprehensively rejected last December by voters who didn’t trust Labour to deliver on its promises. Suddenly it all became clear: Corbyn was in denial. His psyche had taken him back to his happy place. A regression in which the election had never happened and Labour was still a credible opposition. With him as its one true spiritual leader. The man who had won the argument. The few Labour MPs still in the chamber looked on silently, their eyes sunk deep into their sockets. No one dares tell him it’s now 2020.//
Gromit - // OK Corbyn is a dead man walking, but to prod with a stick, a dying man is cruel and distasteful. //

When the 'dying man' (steady on with the hyperbole there!) is busy sitting front and centre and refusing the dignity of the consequences of his actions, which is to shut up and go away, then franky he serves all the prodding he gets!

No-one is making him turn up and be humiliated - his lust for power and imagined status and gravitas simply can't be turned off by him, the Party must do it for him.
as you said, dead man walking,
Great article. Jeremy just hasn't got the sense or the grace to move aside. Hes just a laughing stock now and an embarrassment to his party.
He was always a laughingstock and embarrassment to his party, but the Labour MPs had to toe the party line and present a united front.

Now that he has delivered the worst result for Labour for over 80 years, MPs (with the exception of Rebecca Wrong-Daily) are unsurprisingly distancing themselves from him.

Can’t say I blame them.
There is a line for prospective leaders to walk though - the Executive who appointed JC and still believe he was right, hold the major power in terms of choosing the new leader, so candidates have to be careful to keep them on side.

This involves the tricky manoeuvre of not only nodding and smiling and saying that Jeremy was right all along, simply misunderstood, and also promising to provide the exact opposite of everything he held dear, on the basis that the electorate welcomed him and his policies with the enthusiasm of potential root canal surgery!
This would not happen in the Tory party. The knives would be out for a weak, ineffectual leader and he/she would be swiftly dispatched (cf Heath and May).
Nobody has told him he’s deceased.
Jackdaw - // This would not happen in the Tory party. The knives would be out for a weak, ineffectual leader and he/she would be swiftly dispatched (cf Heath and May). //

Clearly that is a valid point.

The Tories do not mess about with mis-placed sentiment, with the potential for unfit leaders to drag the party into election defeat - which is one of the main reasons why Labour lost.
How about narcissistic personality disorder or the skin of a rhino

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